About Me

I began researching my family history in 2001 after re-reading some of my maternal grandmother's writings. When she died in 1978, I looked at the fill-in-the-blanks family history book she completed and her life story she wrote in a spiral notebook then put them out of my mind for years. For some reason, I picked them up again in 2001 and the rest is, well, the family history.

In 2007, I set up a website, Linda's Family Tree, and then added this blog in December 2009. 

I initially started blogging to record family stories and research experiences in an effort to spoon-feed information to my family. (I thought in small written doses, they might actually pay attention to what I was saying.) I'm not sure how successful I've been with that but blogging has been a great experience. The genealogy blogging community is welcoming, supportive and fun. I've made many friends that I would never have met without this blog.  

The focus of this blog is my family history research but you'll also find a few posts about technology I use, conferences I attend and an occasional opinion about something. I promise it will all be genealogy related. I hope you find something of interest. Please feel free to leave comments on a post or e-mail me directly - especially if you find a connection.

Linda McCauley
26 Jun 2012