Sunday, June 16, 2013


It feels like I just wrote Twelve Years Can Seem Like Yesterday, well, yesterday. Somehow another year has passed and it's been thirteen years since my father died. This year the photos focus on Daddy and his siblings.

David Hankins McCauley
12 July 1926 – 16 June 2000
Katie & David
John & David
John, Katie, David, Lois & George (brother-in-law)
Front: Joe, Vashti, Vernon, Gladys & Papa
Back: Jimmie, David, Katie, Lois & Liz
Front: Katie & Jimmie
Back: Gladys, Vernon, Vashti, Joe, David, Liz, John & Lois
Front: Jimmie, Katie, David, John, Vashti, Vernon & Gladys
Back: Lois, Liz & Joe
Seated: Vernon, Vashti & John
Standing: Jimmie, David, Lois, Katie & Liz
Vashti, Liz, Jimmie, David, Katie & Lois
Front: Lois, Katie, Vashti & Liz
Back: Jimmie, Faye (my mom), David & Jeanette (sister-in-law)

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