Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Genealogy Conferences?

Why are you coming to FGS 2013? What are your favorite parts about genealogy conferences? What are you most looking forward to at FGS 2013? Why should genealogists attend conferences?

The Federation of Genealogical Societies asked the FGS 2013 Ambassadors to answer those questions as the first blogging prompt in a series leading up to the conference in August. For me, the short answer to all five questions is one word. People. The longer answer comes with pictures.

People attend conferences. They won't roll their eyes or tune you out if you start a conversation about genealogy. They are happy to discuss the lecture you just heard or recommend a must-see speaker. They may even have a location or surname in common with you.
People speak at conferences. Many of the best genealogy educators in the country are on the FGS 2013 program. We can all become better genealogists by listening to them and applying what they teach to our research process. And don’t forget about the opportunity to ask them questions. Check out the Journey Through Generations program for details about speakers and topics.
People run exhibit hall booths at conferences. Some sell books, software, maps and services. Others represent major online genealogy companies, repositories and genealogical, historical or lineage societies. See the Exhibit Hall page for specific information about this year's vendors.
People become friends at conferences. When I attended my first genealogy conference in 2010, making friends wasn't on my radar. But it happened and it continues to happen at every conference. Several friends are planning to attend FGS 2013. I'm looking forward to spending time with them and meeting new friends.

Make plans to attend FGS 2013 August 21–24 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. People will be there.

If you'd like to be an FGS 2013 Ambassador, it's not too late to register


  1. Very friendly! I like the image. A conference is a community, newly made every time. I like that.

  2. I am missing visiting with you all. I hope to make another conference again soon. Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Ginger. FGS will be fun. Try to make it.