Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Henrietta Krueger

Today is the anniversary of Henrietta's death in 1931. 
She had just turned 17 a few days earlier.
I believe this is Henrietta on the left. I know that the other three people in this picture are Henrietta's mother, Susie Taylor Krueger, (back center) and her two sisters, Tiny (front) and Marie (right). They are standing beside the Krueger home on West Main Street in Mt. Vernon. (Granted she looks older than 17.)

I believe Henrietta is 2nd from left in this photo. Again, the other three are known — Anna Rose Taylor (the Krueger girls' young aunt), Tiny and Marie.   

In both cases, there is simply no one else in the family this could be. 


  1. Such a young age to have perished at. Glad you the picture to cherish her by. I'm sure you have correctly identified the family.

  2. That's so sad to die at age 17. Was it an accident or an illness? What a shock.

    1. It was illness. She developed Mastoidits, a serious infection of the mastoid bone. By the time the doctor realized what she had, nothing could be done. It is curable today with antibiotics.