Friday, August 17, 2012

Newspapers: Eugene Taylor on Leave from Panama

Sometimes newspapers can answer a question you didn't even think to ask.
"Miss Emma Taylor came home from Stanford Saturday, to see her cousin, Eugene Taylor, who has been in Panama."
"Mrs. Fred Krueger was hostess at dinner Sunday in honor of her brother, Eugene Taylor.
Covers were laid for the following guest:
Mr. and Mrs. App Taylor, of Brodhead, Misses Emma Taylor and Risse McFerron, Messrs. Logue and Eugene Taylor, Mrs. Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Krueger. All report an enjoyable time."
These two clips are from the 13 Sep 1918 edition of the Mt. Vernon Signal in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. As soon as I saw them, my mind went to the photo below. 

That is Eugene on the left and my grandmother, Emma, on the right. Next to Eugene is their Uncle Bob Taylor. The other man is unidentified but I wonder if he could be Eugene's brother-in-law, Fred Krueger. [He doesn't look like any of the Taylor men and, according to Fred's WWI draft registration, he was medium height but we'll probably never know for sure.]

Since Eugene spent his career in the U. S. Army, he was not home very often. This picture must have been taken that weekend in 1918 although not at the dinner his sister hosted on Sunday - Uncle Bob wasn't there. 

The other dinner party guests (in relation to Eugene) were:
Mr and Mrs. App Taylor - Eugene's uncle, App, and App's wife, Susie
Miss Rissie McFerron - Eugene's niece (daughter of hostess, Susie Taylor Krueger)
Logue Taylor - Eugene's brother, Logan
Mrs. Taylor - Eugene's mother, Mary Elizabeth Fletcher Taylor

Photo courtesy of Gayle Evans. 

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