Monday, July 30, 2012

Newspapers: Selling the Hopkins Farm - Part 2

The full page ad featured in Selling the Hopkins Farm - Part 1 wasn't the only information published in the Mt. Vernon Signal about the sell of my Hopkins great-grandparents' farm.

The auction was scheduled for 15 Oct 1919 but, according to this little blurb from the Oct. 24th issue of the Signal, it was rained out.

This ad appeared in that same issue of the newspaper. The sale would happen on Oct. 28th regardless of the weather.

The sale was held on the 28th and the Signal reported the details in the Oct. 31st issue of the newspaper.

It appears Jim made a nice profit on the farm. According to this clip and the actual deed, the property sold for $10,055.75. Jim paid $2,000.00 for the house and first 100 acres in 1904. He added six acres in 1912 for $60.00 but I haven't found the deed(s) where he purchased the remaining 30 or so acres. (The real estate ad said the farm was 140 acres.) 

W. B. Sigmon was the buyer. He paid $7,055.75 cash at the time of the sale and signed 2 promissory notes for $1,500 each, one due in one year and the other in two years, for the balance of the purchase price.

Chronicling America, Mt. Vernon Signal.

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