Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aunt Gladys' Birthday

Gladys & Ferman Dukes

Golden Gladys McCauley was born 107 years ago 
on 28 Jun 1905 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - James Arton and Lucinda Hopkins

Morrow Cemetery in Morrow, Warren County, Ohio

1861 - 1933
1868 - 1957

Morrow Cemetery is located at the end of 2nd Street off Hwy 22 in Morrow.  

Jim and Cindy were my great-grandparents.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Delinda Weeks and Elisha Shaw

Delinda Weeks and Elisha Shaw were issued a marriage license on 10 Mar 1831 in Pope County, Illinois. They were married there by Justice of the Peace, J. H. Smith three days later on 13 Mar. Delinda was the daughter of Nehemiah Younger and the widow of James Weeks.

State of Illinois
Pope County
The People of the State of Illinois to any per
son authorized by the Laws of said State to solemnize the
rites of matrimony, Greeting: You are hereby authorized li
cenced and permitted to join together as husband and wife
in the bands of holy wedlock, agreably to the ceremonies on
such occasions observed Mr Elisha Shaw and Mrs Delinda
Weaks widow both of lawfull age
And this Shall be your warrant for so doing.
In testimony where of I Charles Dunn Clerk of
the County Commissioners Court in and for the said
County of Pope in the State of Illinois, have hereto
Let my hand and affixed my private seal (there
being no public one) in my office at Golconda this
10th day of March A.D. 1831
Charles Dunn, Clk C. C. C. P.C.

State of Illinois
Pope County
I J. H. Smith an acting Justice of
the peace in and for the County aforesaid, do certify
that on the 13th day of March 1831 I solemnized the
rites of matrimony between Elisha Shaw and De
linda Weeks agreably to ceremonies on such occasions
observed. Given under my hand & seal this 15th March
J. H. Smith J.P.

Delinda Younger and her first husband, James Weeks, were my 4th great-grandparents.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Twelve Years Can Seem Like Yesterday

On this day the past two years, I posted a photo timeline of my father's life. Today, on the twelfth anniversary of his death, I decided to feature some other pictures. I think he would like these because they include his very favorite subject - his seven grandchildren.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Bennett DNA Match!

It seems my Bennett line is screaming for attention. Last week, I wrote about an exciting new DNA match with a descendant of Jones Bennett of Troup County, Georgia. Since my 3rd great-grandfather, Lewis Bennett, also lived in Troup County, the possibility of a relationship has always existed, just waiting for someone to prove it.

This week, I received an e-mail from another DNA match with a different Bennett connection. This new match is a descendant of Micajah Bennett of Laurens and Newberry Counties, South Carolina. Some researchers have speculated that Lewis and Jones connect to Micajah but speculation is as far as it has gone. Micajah was in South Carolina and Lewis and Jones were both born there (somewhere) - Lewis about 1804 and Jones about 1818. Micajah died before 1800 so he was not the father of either of them. He did have a son named Lewis who was older than my Lewis.

It is not immediately possible to determine if these two people also match each other but their matches to me are not on the same segment. The Micajah Bennett match is to my test with FamilyTree DNA. The Jones Bennett match is to my test with 23&Me. (Yes, I was so frustrated and confused by my first autosomal DNA test that I decided to do a second one with a different company a few months later.) The initial results for both of these tests have been in for well over a year but new matches appear as more people are tested. These are by far the most interesting ones I have seen. (Not that I've worked my way through that many of them yet. I have hundreds of matches. It's a never ending process but that is another story.)

The only clues to South Carolina locations I have for Lewis' family are Edgefield District (where his son, John, claimed he was born in 1831) and Bennettsville in Marlboro County (where some say his son, David, was born in 1828). Nothing in Laurens or Newberry but Edgefield District did border Laurens at that time.

FTDNA has a feature that allows you to see common matches between you and another person. The Micajah Bennett match and I have 14 other people in common. The chart at left shows how three of them compare to the two of us. Several of those people have the Bennett surname listed in their profiles. They will get the first round of e-mails.

Maybe all this autosomal DNA testing is finally starting to pay off. Too bad it can't do the research. There is a massive amount of work to do here.

If you have a connection to Lewis, Jones or Micajah Bennett, please e-mail me. Please.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Titus Fox and Elizabeth Wright

Titus Fox and Elizabeth Wright were issued a marriage bond in Wilkes County, North Carolina on 18 Aug 1780. Titus was the son of James Fox (who signed the bond). His mother is unknown. Elizabeth's parents are also unknown. According to information provided by Elizabeth when she applied for Titus' Revolutionary War Pension, they were married in Wilkes County on 25 Aug 1780. 

Titus and Elizabeth eventually settled in Hopkins County, Kentucky sometime before 1810 after living in Burke County, North Carolina (1790 Census) and Pendleton District, South Carolina (1800 Census). 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time to Sort Out the Bennetts of Troup County, Georgia

That title could also include Heard County, Georgia, Randolph County, Alabama and maybe a few other surrounding counties but let's start with Troup County.

In the 1850 U. S. Census, there are two Bennett households in Troup County. Lewis H. Bennett (listed as L. H.) and Jones Bennett. If you check online trees, you will find that several people believe Jones was Lewis' son but I doubt that is true. Their ages (Lewis was 46 and Jones 35 in 1850) seem to rule out that possibility. Even allowing for the fluctuation of their approximate birth years in other records, it appears Jones was a little too old to be Lewis' son.

They were both born in South Carolina, as were Lewis' four oldest known children, and Jones had a son named Lewis (born about 1859) so it seems possible they were related in some way - maybe brothers, cousins, uncle/nephew. Lewis was in Troup County in 1840 along with two other Bennetts (Asa C. and Mitchell) but Jones wasn't - at least not as a head of household. There was a 20-30 year old male in Mitchell Bennett's household so that's a possibility for Jones although I don't know if Mitchell had any ties to South Carolina.

I've ignored this potential relationship for years but it jumped back on my radar a few days ago when I received a message from a new DNA match at 23&Me. We are projected as 4th cousins (3rd to Distant). Jones Bennett was her 4th great-grandfather. Lewis H. Bennett was my 3rd great-grandfather. Does that little blue mark on Chromosome 1 prove Lewis and Jones were related? Granted we could be related some other way through a line one or neither of us has developed but, for now, we are working on the theory that it's Lewis and Jones. We just have a long way to go to prove it.  

If you have any connection to Lewis or Jones Bennett or any other Bennetts from the Troup County, Georgia area, please leave a comment below or e-mail me