Thursday, May 10, 2012

NGS 2012 - Geungle Coming Soon

I took some time off from sessions on Thursday to explore the Exhibit Hall and ran into Kathryn and Chris Chapman at their Geungle booth. Geungle is a genealogy software program they are developing with a focus on the complete research process - not just a family tree. The Beta is coming in July. Sounds very interesting! 

And. Do they have a great booth or what? 


  1. Linda, do you know if they will be at FGS?

    1. We REALLY hope so! It gets tricky logistically when the entire team is currently two people that happen to share 5 kids 8-and-under. ;) We are going to do everything we can to be there!

  2. I spent almost a half-hour speaking with them as well on Wednesday (and again for a few minutes on Thursday). We discussed many of the weaknesses of current genealogy software programs, and some of the features that would improve the way it works.

    I think this will be a very interesting and useful software program. I can't wait to see what the Geungle team comes up with!

  3. (And it was great to meet you at the conference, Linda!)

  4. Linda - Thanks! Thank you for all of your support, it really made the conference wonderful for me!