Monday, April 30, 2012

Reviewing April Goals

April ended too soon. Seriously. About this time last week, I thought I had until the end of this week to work on my April goals. Excuses? I was at the beach and completely lost track of the date. Or. Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and I confused the 1st Saturday in May with May 1st. (That's the best I can do.) 

Process September research from Pope County, Illinois; Livingston and Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. 
  • Didn't even touch this stuff. 
Attend 2nd Saturday Family History Workshop sponsored by Kentucky Genealogical Society and Kentucky Historical Society. 
  • April's subject was "The 1940 Census" presented by Cheri Daniels, Louise Jones and Jennifer Howard (all staffers at the Kentucky Historical Society). The crowd was one of the largest for a 2nd Saturday workshop.
Attend Legacy Family Tree Webinar "Genealogy on the Go - the Families App" presented by Malcom Green.
  • Learned a few things even though I've used the Families app for about a year.
Complete and submit NGS Home Study Course Lesson #6.
  • Someday I'm really going to do this. 
Write a detailed research plan for identifying William Taylor's parents (a brick wall 3rd great-grandfather).
  • Done!
Write 10 blog posts.
  • Only eight posted. I really want to get back in a better blogging groove. 
Maintenance and Organization:
Clean up 20 sources in genealogy database.
  • Done!
Add/clean up metadata for 200 genealogy photos.
  • 251 photos processed.
Index, index, index the 1940 U. S. Census.
  •  3,040 records indexed plus 1,960 records arbitrated for a total of 5,000 records processed. 


  1. Wow, Linda, I now officially consider myself a slacker. Wish I had accomplished even half of what you got done. Beach or no beach, you did a respectable job.

  2. You can definitely count this as a successful month, Linda! That amount of indexing and arbitration, plus your photo metadata--awesome! And a research plan written, in addition to 8 blog posts? Wow!

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