Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reviewing March Goals

I don't know where my mind was when I set these goals for March. I can't imagine how I completely forgot about the NCAA Tournament but it just did not register when I created this list that I had hours and hours and hours of basketball to watch this month. 

A few days ago, it occurred to me that I needed to do a monthly review post. Considering the last time I had given goals any thought was very early in March, it's surprising there are any check marks on this list. At a glance, it doesn't look too bad until you realize that the big items are what did not get done. Oh well, there is always April.


Process September research from Pope County, Illinois, Livingston County and Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  
    • I worked on this a little but it is a long way from finished. 

Attend 2nd Saturday Family History Workshop sponsored by Kentucky Historical Society and Kentucky Genealogical Society. 
    • This month's topic was "Navigating Wildcat Turf: Conducting Research at the University of Kentucky" presented by Cheri Daniels. This was a very timely topic for me since, while preparing for my trip to Salt Lake City, I found that a few books on my list are available at UK's library.
Attend three Legacy Family Tree Webinars (Even got in an extra one.)
    • Are you Ready for the 1940 U.S. Census Images? with Thomas MacEntee (3/7)
    • Navigating the new Census Tools in Legacy Family Tree with Geoff Rasmussen (3/9)
    • DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics with Ugo Perego (3/21)
    • Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists with Lisa Alzo (3/30)
Complete and submit Lesson #6 of the NGS Home Study Course. 
    • Assignment #1 is finished (but that was done before March). Still need to complete Assignments #2 and #3.  

Write a research plan for identifying the parents of William Taylor (a brick wall, 3rd great-grandfather). 
    • Started but not completed. 
Write at least 8 blog posts.
    • Barely.


Clean-up 15 sources in genealogy database.
    • Completed 16.
Start adding/cleaning up metadata in genealogy photos.
    • Completed 289 photos. That's not a drop in the bucket but it is a start.
I know there is still technically another day and a half left in March but there is more basketball this evening. And tomorrow I'll either be too happy or too distraught to work.  

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  1. Linda, I'm not watching basketball but I am wondering why I set the goals I did. I am embarrassed to post them.... But as you say, there is always April.