Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivation Monday - March Goals

Why is it that no matter how much you do, there is always more to be done? Time to get busy with March goals.

  • Process research from Pope County, Illinois, Livingston County and Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  I actually visited these places in September on a slightly out of the way trip home from FGS 2011 but I was really busy for the next few months after that with a cruise, another research trip, a family wedding, the holidays .  .  . 
  • Attend 2nd Saturday Family History Workshop sponsored by Kentucky Historical Society and Kentucky Genealogical Society. This month's topic is "Navigating Wildcat Turf: Conducting Research at the University of Kentucky." 
  • Attend three Legacy Family Tree Webinars
    • Are you Ready for the 1940 U.S. Census Images? with Thomas MacEntee (3/7)
    • DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics with Ugo Perego (3/21)
    • Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists with Lisa Alzo (3/30)
  • Complete and submit Lesson #6 of the NGS Home Study Course. (And that will finish up CD #1.)
  • Write a research plan for identifying the parents of William Taylor (a brick wall, 3rd great-grandfather). Well over a year ago, one of my male Taylor cousins did a Y DNA test that seems to refute the popular opinion of who William's parents were. Since I have never subscribed to popular opinion when it comes to William's parents, that doesn't really surprise me but there is a ton of research to be done here. For one thing, I don't know how valid the pedigrees are for the other guys in the Taylor DNA group.   
  • Write at least 8 blog posts.
  • Clean up 15 sources. This is one of those things I really want to do but other things are much higher on my priority list and much more fun. I still have a few hundred sources that were created long before Evidence Explained was released, some even before I cared much about sources at all. This won't really make a dent but I have to start somewhere.
  • Start adding/cleaning-up (yes, I've started this project before) metadata to genealogy photos. There are over 6,000 photos in that collection so this will be a long term project. 


  1. You have some big goals, Linda. I know you'll make good progress. I think the organization ones - cleaning up sources, metadata, etc. - are so tedious. Best wishes!