Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reviewing February Goals

Hard to believe that another month is almost over and it's time review goals again. And speaking of goals. If you haven't already done so, how about joining the effort to index the 1940 U.S. censusRegister now and be ready to go to work on April 2nd. The sooner it's indexed, the sooner we will all be finding the records we want. 

Now, here's a look at what I did in February.

Process everything from my Family History Library research.
    • Information added to my database, to do items updated (some closed, some revised), new to do items added, digital copies filed. 
Attend RootsTech! 
    • Done!
Attend 2nd Saturday Family History Workshop sponsored by Kentucky Genealogical Society and Kentucky Historical Society.
    • Something had to get missed. It's an 80 mile drive for me to Frankfort so when there was snow on the ground that morning and more predicted (which, of course, didn't actually show up), I decided to stay off the road. I should have gone.
Complete and submit lesson 4 of NGS Home Study Course (rolled over from last month).
    • Submitted.
Write 8 blog posts.
    • This is post #10.
March goals coming up on Monday.


  1. I stand in awe, of the Research goal, and having it all processed! You rock!

    1. Don't be too awed. I still have stuff from research trips last May, Sept, and Nov that hasn't been processed.

  2. Way to go, Linda! I still have things from the FHL from a year ago that haven't been processed yet. You're my new idol :)

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