Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Researched at the Family History Library!

The chance to visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City was one of the reasons I wanted to attend RootsTech 2012. I arrived in SLC on Sunday to have three days at the library before RootsTech kicked off on Thursday. I also found time to go back for a few hours on Saturday. Of course, that wasn't nearly enough time. I'll definitely be back.

Entrance to the Family History Library

You really can't tell how long the book and 
microfilm aisles are from these photos.

3rd Floor U.S. and Canada Books

That's Kim von Aspern of Le Maison Duchamp on the far left in the beige sweater.
Kim took time Monday morning to show me and another newbie around FHL.
Thanks Kim.

2nd Floor U.S. and Canada Microfilm with lots of microfilm readers

Microfilm printers - print to paper or flash drive

I have no idea at this point exactly what I accomplished at FHL but I marked off most of the books and quite a few rolls of microfilm on my list. I'll start digging into that soon.


  1. Great pictures Linda! What a huge place! I'm sure any of us could easily stay a full season and never get tired of digging through all their research materials!

  2. Linda, I'm very surprised to see so few people at the desks, looks like a normal day there, considering it was a few days before RootsTech. Always enjoy seeing SLC. Thanks.

  3. Barbara, it was pretty crowded most of the time. I think I managed to get the only angle that had empty seats. This was early Monday morning so most of the RootsTech people hadn't arrived yet.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. Yes, a long stay would be great.

  5. Yes, great pics! I never can seem to remember to photograph that thing in the daylight! Now comes the long process of using what I gathered. I am such a genealogy magpie when researching there! Gathering any bits I can!