Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivation Monday - February Goals

January worked out pretty well so let's give February a try.

  • During 2011, I made several research trips but the majority of those records and cemetery photos are still waiting to be processed. In addition to all that, there are 112 records in my Ancestry Shoebox and another 46 in my Fold3 gallery. Oh yeah, there's also all those records I'm going to copy next week at the Family History Library. Obviously, I need to stop searching and start looking at what I've accumulated before things get completely out of control. (Maybe they are already out of control.) The goal for February is to process everything that I find at FHL while it's fresh on my mind. (The other stuff is already cold anyway so it can wait a little longer.)
  • Attend RootsTech! 
  • Attend 2nd Saturday Family History Workshop sponsored by Kentucky Genealogical Society and Kentucky Historical Society.
  • Complete and submit lesson 4 of NGS Home Study Course (rolled over from last month).
  • Write 8 blog posts.
  • Eventually I'm going to put something in this category but it's not going to be this month. The source and database clean-up work can wait until I get caught up with processing all that research mentioned earlier.


  1. Sensible! I'm right there with you on the backlog of processing records. You'll plug away, I'm sure!. Have a wonderful experience at RootsTech and FHL!

  2. Hope you find enough good stuff at the FHL to keep you busy for a long time, Linda! And have fun at RootsTech!