Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mama McCauley

Verda Waller Hankins McCauley (my paternal grandmother) was born 127 years ago today. 

abt. 1904

Verda and Will with daughters, Vernon and Gladys
abt. 1908

Verda and Will with John, David and Kathryn

Jimmie, Verda, Will, Kathryn and David
abt. 1937

Will and Verda
abt. 1941


  1. Lovely tribute, great photos, really like them all, but that one with the car, at the end, love how they carried rocking chairs out to the road for the photo. Was that their first car???

  2. Thanks, Carol. I don't believe they ever had a car. I'm pretty sure that one belonged to a son-in-law. There were several pictures made that day because I have others with some of their children and grandchildren gathered around them.