Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day - Honoring Those Who Served

Pictures of some family members who served in uniform.

Orin Edward Taylor
Orin is my only relative (that I know of) who died in service to our country so he gets the top spot in this Veterans Day post. He enlisted at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas on April 1, 1941, was a 1st Lt. with Company E of the 4th Ranger Battalion and died at the age of 24 on January 31, 1944 in Anzio, Italy during WW II. [1st Cousin, once removed]

David Hankins McCauley
WW II - US Navy 1944-1946

Joseph Lee McCauley
WW II - US Army and US Navy

John William McCauley, Jr.
WW II - US Navy

J W Dukes
WW II - US Navy
[1st Cousin]

Marvin Ray Dukes
WW II - US Navy
[1st Cousin]

Jason Gordon Lucas, Jr. (on right, my Dad on left)
WW II - US Navy
[1st Cousin]

Elmer Dennis Hopkins (on left, person on right unknown)
Pre-WW I - US Army 1911-1914
WW I - US Army 1918-1919
[Maternal Grandfather]

John Covey Hopkins
WW I - Career US Army 1905-1935
[Great Uncle]

Howard Doctor "Doc" Hopkins
WW I - US Army
Post WW I - US Navy
[Great Uncle]

Grant Hopkins
Post WW I - US Marines 1921-1924
[Great Uncle]

Jimmy, Elvie and Perry Hankins
in France during WW I
[Great Uncles]

James Bailey Hankins
WW I - US Army 1917-1919

Albert Elvie Hankins
WW I - US Army

William Perry Hankins
WW I - US Army 1916-1920


  1. Linda, Your family's military lineage is impressive. I particularly love the pre-WWI photo of the boys with their 'toys'. Do you think they were proud of those swords? Jen

  2. I think they rode horses with those things! My grandfather was in the cavalry. Did you notice the gun hanging from the sword handles?

  3. Wow - how wonderful that you have all of those photos! What a great family legacy to know that you had so many willing to give so much for all of us. Thanks for sharing - Stephanie

  4. Linda, what a great collection of dapper young gentlemen with a long legacy of service. What ship did your Dad serve on in WWII?

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. They are all so young and so handsome. These are treasures.

  6. Shelly - I don't have his complete service record. There's a missing chunk of time so probably a missing ship name. The names I have are SS Liberty Glo, SS Samuel De Champlain and SS Edward D. Baker. Champlain and Baker were armed merchant ships.

  7. What a family history and what handsome men! I always did love a man in uniform! Thanks for sharing and Happy Veterans Day a little late