Friday, December 2, 2011

Testing My Android Tablet

I'm still trying to figure out what my Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet (running Honeycomb 3.2.1) can and cannot do. Here are a few things I recently tested.

Dropbox* - Using their Android App, files that were already loaded to Dropbox can be viewed or downloaded and new files can be added from the tablet. Works well.

Blog Talk Radio - I started testing this on some random show one Firday night and continued playing with it during a episode of GeneaBloggers Radio. There is an Android app for Blog Talk Radio, which is good for listening. If you want the chat board, you have to switch to the browser and use the website. From the browser, I could see the chat board and could post to it but it wasn't all smooth sailing. When I started to type a comment, the virtual keyboard covered the window where I needed to type into so I had to adjust that every time I wanted to comment. This might work better with a real keyboard but I don't have one so can't test that. The scroll bar in the chat window doesn't like to go backwards so it was hard to look back at anything I missed. Bottom line - listening to Blog Talk Radio works but the tablet would not be my device of choice if I wanted to participate in the chat.

CoverItLive - This is the live blogging platform used by Miriam for Scanfest and my favorite sports site for live blogging games. I tested it on the sports site and found that it works pretty well. I could see what others were posting and could make comments myself but it did not auto-scroll so I had to do that manually. It turns out that auto-scrolling is a nice feature.

Webinars - GoToWebinar does not work in the browser and I could not find an app. When trying to connect from the e-mail link to the webinar, I received the message "your computer's OS or Web browser are not supported." The recorded webinar's from Legacy Family Tree that are available for a few days after the live presentations will play. The tablet must be in vertical position because in horizontal only the upper part of the slide can be seen and there is no way (that I could find) to reduce the size to get it to show the full frame. I have not tested webinars from any other platform or provider yet.

YouTube - I tried several random videos and they played fine in both small and full screen mode.

There is still more to test so there will be more results later. Let me know if you have something specific you would like to see checked out.

*If you create a Dropbox account using this link you will get a little extra free space and so will I. 

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  1. To be able to watch the videos, like Legacy, is key for me and my biggest gripe about the iPad. I like to watch videos and listen to podcasts when and where I have time. Like say at the airport when my flight is delayed yet again! How great would it be to just pull up a webinar and watch on your iPad?!? The fact that you can do that make me jealous!!

    I'm sounding like a broken record about this, but have you listened to the latest Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast? It's the first in a series (not sure how many) on loving your iPad but she talks about other tables as well. I think the first podcast will be available through the free podcast version as well. Lisa makes a great analogy about what a tablet is or isn't.

    I like your pretty cover!! I still have the ugly black "manish" looking cover on my iPad. Maybe I would like it more with a pretty cover?? :)

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  3. Marian - Yes it is.

    Jenna - I haven't heard that podcast yet but will get to it. Truthfully, the hot pink back cover (I bought it extra, it came with a black one) is probably my favorite thing about the tablet. :)

  4. What is the App you use. I tried to listen on Blogtalk radio and nothing. Thanks