Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Estate Papers Reveal Date Job Weeks Died

This envelope from Box 60 in the Pope County, Illinois County Clerk's office contains the estate papers for my 5th great-grandfather, Job Weeks.  

Job apparently fought in the Revolutionary War from Gloucester County, New Jersey - he received a pension but I haven't found his service records. According to his pension application, Job left New Jersey after the war and moved several times before settling along the Ohio River in Livingston County, Kentucky around 1817.  

He was living with his granddaughter, Sarah Weeks Hankins, on the Illinois side of the Ohio in Pope County at the time of his death so his estate was settled there. Job may have also lived in Pope County at other times after he came to the area. 

I knew Job was still alive on 4 May 1838 when he last appeared in Livingston County Court regarding his pension application and I thought he was in the 1840 census (as an 80-90 year old male in Sarah's Pope County household) but I'd never found a clue as to when he died until I saw this estate record. "Died 15 Jany 1841" is written on the front of the envelope and also on the back of the Administration Bond inside the packet.   

John H. Smith was named administrator of Job's estate on 2 Mar 1841. As far as I know, John was not related to Job but he was probably the same J. H. Smith who, as a Justice of the Peace, performed the marriage ceremony when Job married Mary Reed in 1826

According to this record, Job died without a will. The only relatives mentioned are his grandson, Nehemiah Weeks, and granddaughter, Sarah. (Their relationships aren't identified but I know from other records that they were two of James Weeks' six children and that James was Job's son.) Nehemiah and Sarah both bought items from the estate and Sarah was paid $18.25 by the estate for keeping livestock and tending to Job while he was sick. There was no mention of Mary so she may have died before him. There was no property listed in the inventory and there were no deed records found for Job in either Pope County or Livingston County. 
I'll have another post in a couple of weeks (after my upcoming vacation) regarding the inventory and sale or Job's property.

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