Friday, September 9, 2011

FGS 2011 - Photos - Thursday, September 8

Keynote Session

Color Guard

Pat Oxley, FGS President

Hon. J. Michael Houston, Mayor of Springfield, IL

Conference Co-chairs, Paula Stuart-Warren and Josh Taylor

Michael Maben, President of Indiana Genealogical Society,
announcing the results of the IGS fundraiser for War of 1812 
Preserve the Pensions. IGS raised $12,117 from donations 
which they matched for a total donation of $24,234. is then matching that amount so the 
IGS effort raised over $48,000.

Keynote Speaker - David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States

Color Guard leading attendees from the 
Opening Session to the Exhibit Hall Grand Opening

DisclosureI am an Official Blogger for FGS 2011.


  1. I don't know what the Color Guard is but I'm impressed!

  2. Carole - A Color Guard is really any military group carrying the flag for an event. This one was dressed in Union Army uniforms from the U. S. Civil War (1861-1864).

  3. OK, so just playing then. I should have known by the maturity of the soldiers!

  4. You're doing a great job as an Official Blogger, thanks for keeping us in the picture.

  5. Great photos! I've really enjoyed your pictures.

  6. Thanks for posting so many great photos - they develop a sense of scope and scale of the conference.

  7. Carol - Glad you enjoyed the pictures.