Sunday, September 11, 2011

FGS 2011 - More Photos - Exhibit Hall

Until I can get some posts about FGS written, here's a few more pictures from the Exhibit Hall.

KDLA is my favorite archive but then I'm a little biased since
I live in Kentucky and have several families who settled there
by the very early 1800s. If you have Kentucky ancestors
you should definitely visit them - the staff is great. 

FamilySearch had a big presence in the Exhibit Hall with 
an area that equaled 10 booths and they were always busy. 

1000memories sponsored a breakfast panel on Thursday morning
featuring DearMYRTLE and Josh Taylor along with Jonathan Good
from 1000memories. The discussion center on involving the younger 
generation in genealogy. Before FGS Caroline Pointer took a look at 

A Y DNA test from FTDNA proved that a suspected 
surname change in my family did, in fact, happen.

This has been a great conference and 
I will talk more about that in a later post.

You will find more FGS photos here. The album is still a work in progress as there are a few more pictures to add and all haven't been captioned yet. Hopefully it will be finished later today.

DisclosureI am an Official Blogger for FGS 2011.


  1. I need to talk to those Kentucky archive folks! Shoulda been there! Great photos!

  2. Thanks Jenna. And yes, you shoulda been there. Give KDLA a call.