Thursday, September 1, 2011

Countdown to FGS 2011 - Keep Up with the Blogging

Only 6 more days to FGS 2011!

I realized yesterday that blog reading is something I'm not likely to have much time for next week during FGS. That's OK, I'll catch up later but I would really like to keep up with the blogging about FGS while I'm there.

And there should be a lot of blogging about FGS. Including the 10 Official Bloggers, there will be over 50 genealogy bloggers in attendance!

So. I set up a FGS2011 folder in Google Reader and, using Geneabloggers' list of bloggers who will be in Springfield, added every blog on that list plus the FGS Conference News Blog to the folder.

Most of those blogs were already in my Google Reader but I still added them to this folder. I also found several "new to me blogs" to start following. Now I can quickly access all the news from FGS without having to skim through hundreds of blogs.

Then it occurred to me that you might also want a quick way to keep up with everything going on at FGS. Since Google Reader allows folders to be made public, here is the link. Posts are displayed in chronological order starting with most recent. Enjoy.

(If I missed anyone, please let me know.)   

Disclosure: I am an Official Blogger for FGS 2011.


  1. SWEET, thanks!! What a creative idea.

  2. What a cool idea ~ it also makes me realize I'd better blog during the conference :-)