Saturday, July 16, 2011

Surname Saturday – Lavender

John Lavender was my 4th great-grandfather. I know very little about him.

He may have been born in Virginia but that is not definite. I have no idea who his parents were. I have no idea who his wife was, at least the wife who was the mother of his children. I have no idea when he came to Kentucky other than he was in Lincoln County by 1820. He was also probably the John Lavender who was in Madison County in 1810.

In 1810, there were only two John Lavenders listed in the U. S. census, one in Franklin County, Virginia and one in Madison County, Kentucky. The household breakdown for the one in Madison County matches up pretty well with 1820 John Lavender in Lincoln County. (The only slight mismatch is a daughter under 10 in both years who would probably have to be the same person.)

On 28 Apr 1837, a John Lavender married Nancy Tudor in Lincoln County. If he was this John Lavender (and there is no reason to doubt that he was), Nancy was definitely not the mother his daughters, Rhoda Ann (my 3rd great-grandmother) or Amelia. Rhoda Ann married Stephen Bradford Lair in 1829 and Thomas Ramsey, Jr. in 1839. Amelia married Edward Syria in 1821. The 1820 census indicates five children in John’s household so that would also mean Nancy was not the mother of Joseph, Elizabeth Jane and Allen either.

If you know anything about John Lavender or any of his children, leave me a message or send me an e-mail.

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