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Surname Saturday - Weeks

James Weeks and Delinda Younger

Very little is known about James Weeks. He was the son of Job Weeks who fought in the Revolutionary War from New Jersey then later lived in Ohio County, Virginia, Pope County, Illinois and Livingston County, Kentucky.

Delinda Younger was probably born between 1790-1794. She was the daughter of Nehemiah Younger of Anne Arundel County, Maryland; Ohio County, Virginia; and Washington County Pennsylvania. Nehemiah had three wives. The third one was certainly not Delinda's mother but it is unknown exactly which of the other two was. If Delinda's estimated birth year range is accurate, then her mother was likely Nehemiah's first wife, Hannah Osborn.

James Weeks married Delinda Younger about 1811, probably in Ohio County, Virginia. Both Job Weeks and Nehemiah Younger were listed in Elizabeth Township, Ohio County, Virginia in the 1810 census. James and Delinda have not been located in the 1820 census but James first appeared on the Livingston County, Kentucky Tax List in 1820. They had six children and James apparently died about 1827 or 1828.

Delinda married Elisha Shaw on 13 Mar 1931 in Pope County, Illinois. They had one son, John W. Shaw, born between 1832-1834. Both Delinda and Elisha died sometime before 5 Jan 1835. Delinda's son Nehemiah Weeks, was named as guardian for his minor siblings, including his half-brother.

Children of James and Delinda:
Sarah was born about 1812. She married Joel L. Hankins on 17 Mar 1829 in Livingston County, Kentucky. They had four children. Joel died about 1838 and Sarah married James H. Hearn on 19 Dec 1844 in Pope County, Illinois. They had one child.

Nehemiah was born about 1814. He married Sarah Louisa Clark on 10 Jun 1835 in Pope County, Illinois.

Mary "Polly" was born about 1816. She married Houston G. Hankins on 17 Jul 1833 in Livingston County, Kentucky. They had 10 children and Polly died between 1860-1870, probably in Hopkins County, Kentucky.

Lucinda was born about 1820. She married Uriah Fox on 9 Sep 1836 in Livingston County, Kentucky. They had six children.

David was born about 1825. He married Harriet Clark on 29 Oct 1848.

James was born between 1825 and 1827. Nothing further is known about him.

James and Delinda were my 4th great-grandparents through their daughter, Mary. For sources and additional information, click on the links above. Some of the information in this post has been discovered since my website information for this family was last updated so all sources are not included. If you have a connection to this family, would like sources that aren't noted in the links provided or have any questions, leave a comment here or e-mail me.

NOTE: Correction made 18 Jun 2011 to name of Delinda and Elisha Shaw's son. It was incorrectly listed as James but was actually John W. Shaw. 

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