Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Two Truths and a Lie

It’s Saturday night so it’s time for some Saturday Night Genealogy Fun brought to us by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings.
This week’s challenge is:
1) Play "two truths and a lie." Tell us three facts about your family history -- two have to be true and one has to be a lie.
2) Put them on your own blog post, in a Facebook status or in a comment on this blog. Ask readers to guess which one is a lie.
3) After one day, be sure to put the right answer as a comment to your blog or Facebook status.

Here you go:

1. I have one post-Civil War immigrant ancestor.

2. My 10th great-grandfather was a musician in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 1500s.

3. Two people in my family tree were hanged for murder.

Which one do you think is the lie? Scroll down for the answer.

Answer Added June 15th:

(2) Nicholas Lanier, my 10th great-grandfather, was a musician in the Courts of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I of England and also of King Henry II of France. His sons and most of his grandsons were also court musicians. His grandson, Nicholas (not my ancestor), was the subject of a famous painting by Van Dyck which hangs in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

(3) There are indeed two people in my family tree who were hanged for murder. Neither were a direct ancestor and the two of them were not related to each other. 

That means #1 is the lie. I don't have any ancestors who came to this country after the Civil War. Actually, I have not yet identified an immigrant ancestor who arrived after the Revolutionary War. (Surely there are a few among my brick walls, I just haven't found them yet.)

Three people guessed the right answer. 


  1. Oh, I think the last one is a lie. That couldn't happen twice in the same family, could it?

  2. I'm going to guess #1. I have one murderer that was hanged, so not hard to believe you could have two. And 10 grandparents back for the musician sounds plausible. #1 sounds almost too possible, but I do not have any post CW immigrant ancestors myself so I think that's the one, LOL!

  3. Well, since you all three guessed something different, one of you is correct. :) I'll be back this evening with the answer,

  4. Oops. I counted wrong. Make that 4 guesses with at least one for each choice. So #3 is leading as the lie choice with 2 votes. Hmmm.

  5. I'm voting for #1 and I don't even know why!

  6. I vote for #2. 13 generations back usually means about 400 year, and I'm guessing a musician in QE1's court would have to be born in the 1560-1580 period. Possible.

  7. The short answer is #1 is the lie so Lisa, Diana and Julie got it right. I've added the details to the bottom of the post.

  8. Very cool, Linda! I would not have guessed that number 1 was the lie.