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Surname Saturday - Malone

John Malone and Gracie Eaves

John Malone was born on 14 Sep 1778 in Virginia. His parents have not been proven but his father may have been either Robert or John Malone who were in Rutherford County, North Carolina as early as 1779.

Gracie Eaves was born on 10 Nov 1780 in North Carolina, probably Rutherford County. Her parents were Burwell Eaves and Izza Malone. It's likely that Izza was related in some way to John Malone.

John and Gracie were married in Sep 1800 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. They had 9 children born in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia as the family moved several times. They were in Meriwether County, Georgia by 1840. John and Gracie both died there - Gracie about 1855 and John between 1860 and 1870.

John and Gracie's Children:
Jones was born about 1800.

Lavinia was born about 1801 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. She married Samuel W. Jackson and they had seven children. Lavinia died about 1863, probably in Heard County, Georgia.

John was born about 1804. He died on 2 Sep 1829 in Butts County, Georgia.

Burwell was born about 1805. He married Mary Leverette on 5 Apr 1825 in Jasper County, Georgia. Burwell died on 26 Sep 1831 in Pike County, Georgia.

Spencer was born on 25 Sep 1812 in South Carolina. He married Evaline Parker on 25 Apr 1831 in Butts County, Georgia and they had seven children. Spencer died on 29 Apr 1897 in Abilene, Taylor County, Texas.

Robert Lewis was born about 1814 in South Carolina. He married Mary Ann Fuller on 25 Apr 1836 in Meriwether County, Georgia and they had nine children. Robert died about 1854 in Meriwether County.

William B. was born about 1817. He died on 16 Sep 1839.

Ledford Bayles was born on 1 Sep 1821 in Jasper Count, Georgia. He married Melissa Ann Mitchum and they had four children. Ledford died on 10 Oct 1855.

Frances S. married William G. Crain on 13 Apr 1837 in Meriwether County, Georgia.

John and Gracie were my 4th great-grandparents through their daughter, Lavinia. For sources and additional information, click on the links above. If you have a connection to this family, leave a comment here or e-mail me

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  1. Robert Lewis Malone father of Tyre Reeves Malone (wife Martha Hendricks) had about 9 children. 2 of those are special to me. Walter Hill Malone (b 02-22-1888-1967) and his brother Luther Gilmore Malone. At Luther's wedding to Maud Davidson, Walter met Maud's sister Dessie Delora Davidson (b1897-1981). They also married, July 30, 1915 or as grannyused to say exactly 9 months AND 5 days before the birth of their first child (grover leslie malone) So Luther's brother Walter married Maud's sister Dessie.

    I have double cousins! My father is Walter's youngest son, Howard Hill Malone (1927-1996) and my brother was his only son, Howard Hill Malone Jr. (03-06-1949 d.03-16-1994) who has a son, Charles a son Howard Hill Malone III and a daughter Sabrina) I am Mary Alice Malone and I was born on the same day and year as my double cousin Gary Allen Malone. Not only the same age and birthday, but our names rhyme! My great uncle Luther is his grandpa and my grandad walter s his great uncle. Wonder why these Malone lines are hard to

    Walter and Dessie had 5 live births but only 2 children lived. My father was a twin but his sister was too tiny to make it ( premmie in 1927) I am named after her. Mary Alice Malone 1927-1927. They had a set of twin boys, wallace and waller but I can only locate one of their deaths. There s no record of the other, except family memory. I think they buried them together in one casket and somehow waller got noted twice and walace not at all.

    Anyway I have chatted long enough about this. I do have a few more details, but this is what I have certain memory of without getting out the books. I have traced this line to daniel 1620 father of daniel 1642/43 who both came here from Ireland (royalist's escaping Cromwell) I have no proof of their father son relationship other than 2 other's family trees that said that, and knowing the history of the time period, I personally believe it to be true. I am texting this and am not good at that, so please pardon any typos. I will double check all numbers in this before I publish.