Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NGS 2011 - Pre-Conference

Note: This was originally posted on May 11th. It was lost during the Blogger outage on May 12th and is being re-posted on May 14th.

I left home on Sunday and spent a couple of days researching in South Carolina on the way to Charleston. The research discussion will wait until later because there is way too much going on at NGS and I'll be lucky to keep up with that over the next few days. I'm already a day behind.

I arrived in Charleston Tuesday afternoon, checked into the hotel and walked over to the convention center to pick-up my registration packet.

Later I went to Jim N' Nick's Bar-B-Que for a blogger dinner hosted by Family Search where I saw a couple of "old friends", Greta Koehl and Ginger Smith, and met several other bloggers including Liz Tapley Mathews,Jennifer Woods and Cheryl Cayemberg for the first time. Also in attendance were several Family Search staff members. I won't try to name them all because I'll miss several but Greta, Ginger and I enjoyed dinner with Cullen Brimhall. 
Front: Greta, Cheryl; Back: Ginger, Jennifer's daughter, Jennifer, Liz, Linda
Paul Nauta and David Rencher gave a brief presentation about some of the things happening with Family Search including two big announcements involving Civil War and South Carolina records.

The release of hundreds of millions of online Civil War records including service records for both the Confederate and Union armies and pension records was announced today. About 10 million of these records have already been indexed but there are many more that still need to be done so head over to Free Access to Civil War Era Records to not only check out the records but to find out how to volunteer to index some of them.

Family Search had added hundreds of thousands of digital images of South Carolina Probate Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-1964 and Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977. These records can be browsed now on their website.

You can read the entire press releases about the Civil War project and South Carolina records at GeneaPress.

Other things going on at Family Search:

  • 141 free online courses available - check them out here. If you can't make it to a conference, you can have your own private conference on a variety of subjects anytime you want with this resource.
  • Since January 2010 Family Search has added over 1.5 billion new names, over 800 million records and 219 million images!
  • Family Search plans to add over 200 million images per year!
  • RootsTech 2012 will be held in Salt Lake City February 2 - 4. I've had my calendar marked since those dates were announced after RootsTech 2011. You can register now for the latest updates at theRootsTech site.

That about covers Tuesday. Wednesday will be coming up soon. 

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  1. Hi Linda, I'm really glad I went to the dinner! Got to meet some new faces and the wonderful staff of FamilySearch! It was also way cool to hear about all the neat stuff going on at FamilySearch. I can't wait to check out all of the newly released records!