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John Petty's Daughters - Martha and Angeline

Just a few days after publishing the series Searching for John R. Petty's Parents, a reader contacted me with information about two of Bradley County John Petty's daughters, Martha and Angeline. The following is a summary of that information along with more that has been learned about Martha and Angeline and what still needs to be done regarding them.

The index for Georgia Marriages, 1808-1967 at Family Search lists the following two marriages:
Martha J. Petit married John W. Martin on 23 Apr 1867 in Whitfield County
Ann Petty married Wiley Long on 11 Nov 1868 in Whitfield County

According to my contact, Martha J. Petit and Ann Petty were Martha and Angeline Petty, daughters of John Petty from Bradley County, Tennessee. The 1880 census seems to confirm that.

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M. J. Martin (female,  45, widow, born in Tennessee) was head of a household in Whitfield County. Living with her were Wiley Long, his wife Ann and four of their children. Ann's name is listed as Dida Amie (or Annie) A. but in other census records with Wiley and some of these children she is listed as Ann. The relationship for Wiley is blank and the relationships for Ann and the children are to Wiley (wife and sons) rather than M. J. Martin. The key piece of this household is 72 year old John Petty listed as father (apparently to M. J., Wiley Long's father was Lunsford Long). Bradley County John Petty was 51 in 1860 and 62 in 1870 so the age matches. He was not in Bradley County in 1880 after being listed there in the 1860 and 1870 censuses. Whitfield County, Georgia borders Bradley County, Tennessee to the south. This certainly seems to indicate that Martha Martin and Ann Long were indeed John Petty's daughters. Since Ann's age matches up with Angeline's they are almost certainly the same person.

Martha and John Martin were living in Whitfield County in 1870 in Dalton. John was listed as a butcher, 70 years old, born in Virginia. He owned real estate valued at $3000 and personal property valued at $1000. Martha Petty was listed as 21 in 1860 so should have been 31 in 1870 and 41 in 1880. Martha Petit Martin's age was listed as 40 in 1870 (so about 9 years off) and M. J. Martin was listed as 45 in 1880 (about 4 years off). Varying ages certainly isn't enough to rule her out as our Martha, especially with the 1880 census showing John Petty living with her.

It does not appear that Martha had any children and based on John's age he had probably been married before but he hasn't been located in previous census records yet. He apparently died between 1870 and 1880, probably in Whitfield County since she was a widow in 1880.

Martha Petty Martin may have married a 2nd time. There is a marriage record in Whitfield County for Martha J. Martin and John E. Martin on 28 Mary 1882. Any relationship between John W. and John E. Martin is unknown. Martha may have died prior to 1900 as she hasn't been located in that census.

Angeline Petty was listed as 12 in 1860. Ann Petty Long was 22 in 1870, 30 in 1880 and 48 in 1900. Again, varying ages but close enough that Angeline is the only one of John Petty's daughters who could be Ann.  Ann and Wiley Long were living in Whitfield County in 1870 and 1900, in addition to 1880 when they were living with her sister and father. Ann and Wiley had five children - John E., Ezekial, James W., Benjamin and Rosa Lee. Wiley died on 1 Jan 1920 in Dalton. His death certificate lists him as widowed so Ann apparently died prior to that and before Georgia started issuing death certificates in 1919. Wiley was buried in West Hill Cemetery in Whitfield County. Ann's burial place is unknown.

Oh, and back to that 1880 census record. Did you notice C. A. Hambright living next door to the Petty family? More about her later.

Does any of this help tie my John R. Petty to this Petty family? Maybe. Stay tuned.

What needs to be done:
Get copies of those marriage records for Martha and Ann.
Check property records in Whitfield County (John W. Martin apparently owned land).
Check Whitfield County cemetery information for Ann Long, Martha Martin and both John Martin's 
Check out anyone in the area named Petit or Pettit since that may have been an alternate spelling for Petty.

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  1. Hey Linda, in case you don't know, you should be able to find those marriage records online at Georgia's Virtual Vault. Whitfield County Marriage records are available from 1852 to 1906.

    Also, I recently read that Whitfield County started keeping death records in the mid-1850s. I haven't verified this, yet, but you may be able to get something from the courthouse.

  2. Thanks Tonia!!! I didn't know that - was actually planning to order the microfilm from FHL.