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John Petty's Daughters - Charlotte & "Mrs. Milsapp"

My Petty research buddy found a message board post from 2000 indicating that John Petty had a daughter who married a Hambright and one who married a Milsapp but it doesn't give first names for either of them. If this is true, they would be the two previously unidentified females who were listed in John's household in the 1840 census.

On March 21st I posted a clip of the 1880 census record for John Petty and two of his daughters (Martha and Angeline). Listed next to them was a 49 year old female named C. A. Hambright and her two daughters, Ellen W. Hambright (25) and Malissa A. Hambright (15). A check of other census years finds C. A. Hambright to be Charlotte A. Hambright. So far there is no proof that she her maiden name was Petty but here is what else is known. 

In 1860 Charlotte Hambright was living in McMinn County, Tennessee in the town of Calhoun. That is the same place my John R. Petty was living. He is listed as dwelling and family #1068 on page 146. Charlotte was dwelling and family #1045 on page 143. Of course, that doesn't prove any relationship but they lived relatively close together. Charlotte was listed as 29 years old making her born about 1831. The composition of the older John Petty's 1840 household included 2 females 5-10 so her age fits to be one of them. Charlotte was working as a weaver and had four children but her husband was not listed with them. Her children were Rebecca Jane (15), John B. (11), Nancy E. (9) and Ellen (4). 

By 1870 Charlotte Hambright (39) was living in Whitfield County, Georgia with John (21), Nancy (19) and Elenor (14) and Melissa A. (5). Charlotte's household was listed in the 12th Land District as dwelling #126, family #125 on page 65. Also in the 12th Land District as dwelling and family #70 on page 56 was John Petty's daughter, Angeline (Wiley and Ann Petty Long). Again, nothing to prove a relationship but living relatively close to someone in the Petty family.

Charlotte was living in Murray County, Georgia (which borders Whitfield) in 1900 in the household of William Thompson. Charlotte was listed as William's mother-in-law and his wife was Malissa Thompson (35). It is noted that Charlotte was the mother of six children and only four were living at that time. Five children were listed in various census records so there was a sixth child whose name we don't know and one of the known children died by 1900.

So what do we really have here? Charlotte's husband isn't around starting in 1860 yet she apparently has at least one child after he's gone. In 1860, 1870 and 1880 she was living near someone in the Petty family (assuming my John R. belongs to this Petty family). A message board post says one of John Petty's daughters married a Hambright. A marriage record hasn't been found to prove that Charlotte Hambright's maiden name was Petty but it certainly seems like a possibility. And there's one more thing. Charlotte Hambright and her family haven't been located in the 1850 census. Remember who else can't be found in 1850? John Petty.

That brings us to the daughter who might have married a Milsapp. I'm afraid that's the only lead there is for her. There was a family named Milsapp in McMinn County in 1850 and they had three sons who would have been old enough to be married by 1860 but they disappear from the area by then. 

There is one last post coming up and then the Petty family will take a break.

What needs to be done:
Continue looking for a Milsapp who could be John Petty's daughter.
Find the marriage record for Charlotte and Mr. Hambright. (That will be harder than it sounds. I already know that the only marriage records for Pettys in Bradley or McMinn County, Tennessee in this time period are for John's sons, James and Rash. There also isn't one in Whitfield County, Georgia which is the 3rd location where the family lived.)

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