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John Petty's Daughters - Caroline and Mary

John Petty's 1860 census record in Bradley County, Tennessee lists three daughters - Martha, Angeline and Mary. John hasn't been located in the 1850 census yet but in 1840 he appears to be living in McMinn County, Tennessee (which borders Bradley County). In that census there are three more potential daughters based on the age break-down of the females in the household. Caroline was one of them.

Mary Petty was nine years old in 1860 and was no longer living with John by 1870. One of her descendants recently advised that Mary married John Cooper in 1869 in Webster County, Kentucky. A quick trip to the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives uncovered Mary and John's marriage record and a bonus older sister.

On 29 Sep 1869 Caroline Young, wife of Lemuel Young, gave consent for her sister, Mary Elisabeth Petty to marry John Cooper. Mary and John were married the next day.

Caroline and Lemuel Young have not been located in any census records and their marriage record also has not been found but Lemuel joined Company I of the 43rd Tennessee Infantry in Charleston [Bradley County], Tennessee on 1 Dec 1862. That is the same unit that John Petty's three sons (James, Joseph and Rash) and my John R. Petty joined. Lemuel and Rash joined on the same day, about a year after the other three. Just like the four Petty men, Lemuel was captured and released at Vicksburg, Mississippi and like James, Joseph and Rash, he appears to have later joined the Union 10th Tennessee Cavalry although he joined a different unit and at an earlier date than any of the Pettys.

Mary and John Cooper haven't been located the year following their marriage in the 1870 census but by 1880 they were living in Johnson County, Illinois in the community of Elvira with three daughters and John's mother, Liddie Cooper. All three of their daughters were born in Kentucky and the youngest was five years old so they apparently moved to Illinois between 1874 and 1880. Elvira, Illinois is due west of Webster County, Kentucky where Mary and John had been married and where they possibly lived until the move to Illinois.

By 1900, Mary and John were in Whitfield County, Georgia. A daughter was shown as born in Illinois in 1881 and their next child, a son, as born in Georgia in 1884 so they returned to the general area where they had grown up and settled in Whitfield County where Mary's father and some of her sisters were living between those dates. Mary died in 1903 and was buried in Deep Springs Cemetery in Whitfield County. John died in 1920 and was also buried in Deep Springs Cemetery.

It should be noted that, prior to his marriage to Mary, John Cooper had also joined the Tennessee 43rd but a different unit than the Pettys and Lemuel Young. After being captured and released at Vicksburg, he also joined the Union 10th Tennessee.

It's interesting to me that Caroline was living in Kentucky by 1869 and Mary was there with her for at least a short time before her wedding. Mary and John also lived somewhere in Kentucky for a few years. Webster County borders Hopkins County where my John R. Petty was living after 1870. It is 3 counties away from Logan County where John R. was living in 1870 and where Joseph was living in 1870 and 1880. Again no real proof of any relationship to John R. but just something else to make me feel like he belongs in this family.

Coming up next - the other two older Petty daughters.

What needs to be done:
Find Caroline and Lemuel Young in census records.
Find the marriage record for Caroline and Lemuel. They were probably married prior to 1860 since Caroline wasn't living with her father and siblings.

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