Tuesday, March 15, 2011

John Petty of Bradley County, Tennessee - The Research Continues

Last month I wrote a series of posts about searching for the parents of my gg-grandfather John R. Petty summarizing what I knew at that point. There is lots of circumstantial evidence that at least allows the case to be made that John R. was the son of John Petty who lived in Bradley County, Tennessee in 1860 and 1870 but I'm still looking for that "one big thing" to really solidify the relationship.

At the end of that series, I came up with the following list of things to do next and I'm happy to report that there has been progress made on several of these items.  
  1. Determine Angeline Tribble's maiden name. Done. She's not Angeline Petty.
  2. Determine if the John R. Petty who was married in 1878 in Whitfield County, Georgia was this John R. Petty. Nothing definite but new information found makes me believe this is my John R. Post coming soon.
  3. Search the 1850 Census at Heritage Quest (just in case they might have page that Ancestry and FamilySearch are missing). Not started yet.
  4. Search marriage records in neighboring counties in Tennessee and Georgia for the daughters and for the marriage of John and Tabitha. In response to the previous posts, spouses for daughters Martha and Angeline were identified by a reader. Much more progress has been made in locating the other daughters. Posts about them coming soon.
  5. Contact the owners of two Ancestry trees that have James Petty and his family. One doesn't list any siblings for James and one lists Martha, Angeline and Mary but no brothers. Done but no luck there. 
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be detailing the new information about the Petty family and discussing how any of that information might further imply a link to my John R. Petty. 

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  1. Good work! Looking forward to reading about your further progress.