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What Happened to Theodocia? - Part 2

Continued from Part 1. 

According to the marriage record, Theodocia was "of age" at the time of her marriage to T. J. in 1897 which means she was probably born before the 1880 census was taken. (Of course, it's also possible that she was born after 1880. That would certainly explain why she's so hard to find.)

The only Theodocia Smith of a reasonable age who shows up in the 1880 census in Alabama (searching Ancestry) is the two year old daughter of John J. and Margaret Smith in Clay County. She would have been born about 1878 and would have been about 19 at the time of the marriage to T. J. Lanier. Clay County is southeast of St. Clair County with Talladega County between them so she looked somewhat promising.

John J. and Margaret Smith were still in Clay County in 1900 with seven children in the household. Theodocia wasn't listed but 22 year old Lazinker T. (born March 1878, single) was. The owner of an Ancestry tree that includes this family told me that this Theodocia's full name was Theodocia Lazinker, that she married James Andrew Beck in 1901 and that she had only one child who was born in 1906. 

The index of Alabama Marriages 1816-1957 at Family Search shows that James A. Beck and Theodosia Smith were married on 15 Jan 1901 in Clay County. James and "Theo" were listed in the 1910 census with their 4 year old daughter, Annie L. They had been married for 9 years, 1st marriage for both, and Theo was listed as the mother of only one child so that all seems to validate the information from the Ancestry tree. James and Theo were living near John J. Smith in 1920 and right next to him in 1930. (I had completely missed that because she was listed as Theo instead of Theodocia. Shame on me.) No other children show up in those census records for James and Theo. Theo L. Beck died on 8 Nov 1962 in Clay County. 

To summarize:
1. Her name was Smith when she married Beck in 1901 so no indication of a previous marriage. 
2. My Theodocia was definitely still with T. J. in Mississippi in September, 1900 and was possibly still there until 1902. Going on the definite date of September 1900, for this to be her she would have had to get a divorce, move from Mississippi to Alabama, and remarry in less than 4 months time. That seems like a stretch.
3. She apparently did not have a child born before her marriage to Beck (unless the child had died by 1910). 

So, it looks like this is not the Theodocia Smith who married T. J. It's a good thing there is one more person of interest. Or is it?


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