Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surname Saturday - Lanier

James Lanier and Polly Smith

James Lanier was born about 1785 in North Carolina, the son of Nathaniel Lanier and Mary (maiden name unknown). He married Polly Smith on 29 Jul 1810 in old Randolph County, Georgia which was renamed Jasper County in 1812. (Current Randolph County, Georgia is a different location.) Polly's parents are unknown.

James and Polly were living in Jasper County in 1820 but had moved to Meriwether County by 1830. They apparently lived in Meriwether County for the remainder of their lives. James and Polly both died sometime after the 1850 census but exact dates and burial places are unknown.

James and Polly's children:
William Washington was born on 15 Mar 1813 in Jasper County. He married Charlotte T. Jackson on 22 Oct 1835 in Meriwether County. They had 11 children and William died on 11 Feb 1892 (or 28 Jan 1892) in Chambers County, Alabama.

Cynthia was born about 1814 in Jasper County. She married Robert M. Leverette on 19 Jun 1849 in Meriwether County (according to index of Georgia Marriages at Family Search). There were three children listed with Cynthia and Robert in 1850 but they all seem to have been born before they were married so it's possible they were Robert's children from a previous marriage or that the year of their marriage is incorrect.

Frances was born on 22 Jul 1815 in Jasper County. She married Robert Newell on 16 Apr 1837 in Meriwether County. They had five children and Frances died on 17 Aug 1901 in Randolph County, Alabama.

Nancy was born about 1819 in Jasper County. She married William Bryant on 17 Jul 1845 in Meriwether County. They had two children.

Mary was born about 1820 in Jasper County. She married Franklin Cullens on 15 Feb 1845 in Meriwether County.

James J. was born about 1825 in Meriwether County. He died on 19 Jun 1847.

John Henry was born about 1835 in Meriwether County. He married Louisa Bess there on 26 Aug 1854. They had four children. John married a second time to someone named Curry (her first name is unknown). They had three children. John died about 1910 in Marion County, Florida.

Some people list a second daughter named Cynthia born about 1832 for James and Polly. There was an 18 year old listed as Sintha A. Lanier living with them in the 1850 census. Their daughter Cynthia was 35 years old in 1850 and living with her husband so this was not her. It doesn't seem likely that they would have named another daughter Cynthia when the older one was still living so it's unclear to me who this younger Sintha was.

James and Polly were my 3rd great-grandparents through their son William Washington. Click on the links above for sources and additional information. 

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  1. I was so happy to read your interview with Gini. I can so identify with what you had to say. I, too, got into blogging and felt that I would be lucky to convince a few family members to log in. Now, as part of geneabloggers, I've had many more readers and learned so many new techniques -- including how to make neat collages from Gini. Glad to be part of this community.