Monday, January 17, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Titus Fox's Revolutionary War Pension File

Elizabeth Wright Fox filed a Revolutionary War Pension application in 1844 based on her late husband's service. This transcription is the first two pages of record R3724 - Titus Fox - NC.

State of Kentucky
Hopkins County
On the 12th day of March 1844 personally appeared before the Court for the County aforesaid Elizabeth Fox a resident of the said County of Hopkins and state of Kentucky aged seventy eight years who being just duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4, 1836. That she is the widow of Titus Fox who was a private in the army of the revolution that during the whole of his service in the United States his residence was in Wilkes County North Carolina. Previous to her marriage with said Titus Fox she had long been acquainted with him her residence not being more than four miles from his. That she recollects he was gone from home in the service of the United States for three months she thinks this happened occured between one & two years before her marriage with said Fox in this tour she always understood that he was a volunteer and that the service was mostly in the lower part of South Carolina in the neighborhood of Charleston. The said Fox and herself were married on the 25th day of August 1780. And about one week after their marriage the said Titus Fox started another tour in which he was gone about two months during this tour the battle of Kings Mountain was fought. He was not in the engagement he belonging to a corp of infantry who did not arrive on the ground until a few minutes after the surrender of the British he was in hearing of said battle.

The next tour of any considerable length occurred in the winter of 1781-1782 in this he was gone over two months the precise time she cannot state during this tour her first child was born which happened on the 2nd January 1782. She thinks in this tour of service he went to Deep river (in North Carolina she thinks but is not positive). She further states during the period of the above tours or perhaps afterwards he was frequently gone on short tours against the tories sometimes a few days sometimes a week or more. She cannot state with any certainty the names or grade of the officers under which he served. She however recollects the names of some of them but their grade or the tours in which they commanded she cannot state. These are some of their names. Benjamin Cleaveland who was always called Colonel. William Lewis Micajah Lewis Joel Lewis Samuel Johnson she thinks he was Captain. Richard Allen when she first knew him he was called Captain afterward Major and after that Colonel.

She further declared that she was married as before stated to the said Titus Fox on the 25th day of August in the year seventeen hundred and eighty that her husband the aforesaid Titus Fox died on the 22 day of Jun 1825. And that she has remained a widow ever since that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.

Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before the County Court for the County of Hopkins in the state of Kentucky as aforesaid.

Elizabeth Fox
[signed by mark]

One thing that jumped out as I was transcribing this record is the fact that Elizabeth lived within four miles of Titus before they were married. I don't know Elizabeth's parents so that information could prove helpful in identifying them. I also realized that I don't have a copy of Titus and Elizabeth's marriage record. The index at Family Search gives the date as 18 Aug 1780 but Elizabeth says here that it was the 25th. Possibly that record dated the 18th is a marriage bond. Titus should have a service record but so far I haven't located it. It almost certainly exists because he has descendants who have been accepted in the DAR (and he is not flagged as needing to have his service re-verified). Maybe the names Elizabeth gave here of men he served under will help me to find Titus' records. These things have all been added to my Legacy To Do List.

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