Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Mattie Bennett and Lem Hester

Welcome Baptist Church Cemetery, Cullman County, Alabama

Mattie Bennett
Feb. 15, 1863 - Jan 27, 1952

L. Z. Hester
July 11, 1884 - June 1, 1930

Martha "Mattie" Bennett was the daughter of John T. Bennett and Martha L. Gamble. She was also the twin sister of Mary "Mollie" Bennett Hester. Her date of death on this headstone may be off by one day. The Alabama Death Records Index at Family Search shows the day as the 26th, not 27th (but I don't have an actual copy of the death certificate yet).

Lem Z. Hester was the son of Warren Hester and Mary "Mollie" Bennett (and Mattie's nephew). His date of death is also incorrect on his headstone. According to the Alabama Death Records Index, he died on 7 Jun 1935. 

John Bennett and Mollie Bennett Hester are buried beside Mattie and Lem. 


  1. Isn't this a bit unusual? I don't think I have ever heard of an Aunt and nephew being buried next to each other with one headstone.

  2. I agree Lisa and it's even more unusual because John Bennett (Mattie and Mollie's father) and Mollie also share a headstone. I think what happened is that none of them had headstones until at least after Mattie died in 1952 (probably much later, the stones are matching and both look relatively new). There are date discrepancies for all four of them. Some of Mollie's descendants still live in the area so I suspect they fairly recently (w/i 20 years or so) had the stone put up.

  3. I really like your smug mug slide show Linda - it's very well done. Some of your photo are quite unique - there is something very charming about black and white photos.

  4. Thanks Kelly. I actually edited those for the slide show so they are all true black and white.