Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Week in the Family History - December 19 - 25

19 Dec 1774 (236 years ago) - Edward Dobyns was born in Richmond County, Virginia. He was the son of Edward Dobyns and Amony (maiden name unknown). [4th great-grandfather, Hankins line]

20 Dec 1716 (294 years ago) - Samuel Luther died in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Samuel's parents are unknown. [8th great-grandfather, Hopkins line]

25 Dec 1863 (147 years ago) - John Cook Taylor was born in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. He was the son of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. [great-grandfather, Taylor line]

25 Dec 1885 (125 years ago) - James Arton Hopkins married Lucinda Howard in Harlan County, Kentucky. Jim was the son of Stephen Wolfenbarger and Eliza Hopkins. Cindy was the daughter of John Covey Howard and Mary F. Morris. [great-grandparents, Hopkins line]

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