Friday, December 31, 2010

Genealogy Goals for 2011 - Education

Genealogy education is everywhere these days. There are "how-to" books and websites on a wide variety of topics. Many societies have workshops and seminars throughout the year. There are on-line classes and webinars, regional and national conferences and even college classes. There is really no excuse for not becoming a better genealogist.

Education Goals:
1. Attend at least six 2nd Saturday Family History Workshops.
The Kentucky Genealogical Society and Kentucky Historical jointly sponsor a monthly workshop held at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort. There are 2 one-hour sessions each month. The Kentucky Technology in Genealogy Users Group also has a presentation each month following the 2nd session. I have been attending these sessions as often as possible for a few years and will continue to do so. (BTW, the workshops and technology group presentations are all free.)

2. Attend the Kentucky Genealogical Society Annual Seminar in August.
This one-day event usually features a nationally known speaker and is also held at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History.

3. Attend NGS 2011 Family History Conference May 11-14 in Charleston, SC.
This will be my 1st NGS conference.

4. Attend FGS Conference September 7-10 in Springfield, IL.
If there's a goal on this education list that I might not make, it's probably this one. Scheduling may be a problem but it's still on the table for now.

5. Attend Atlanta Family History Expo November 11-12.
I'm so glad that the 1st Expo in Atlanta last month was such a success that Family History Expos decided to return to Atlanta in 2011.

6. Start the NGS Home Study Course.
Now, just to be clear, I intentionally said "start" here. Completing the full course will almost certainly take more than a year and I'm not likely to even get started for several months. There really are some other project that I need to complete before starting this one so the goal is to get started before the end of 2011.

You may have noticed that I've become a conference junkie. I attended my first national conference just a few months ago (FGS in August) and now I want to go to every one that comes along. (I'm still bummed that I couldn't work in RootsTech coming up in February.)

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  1. Great list, Linda! I hope I'll see you at NGS, but I have some work issues that may conflict with the timing. If I don't make it to NGS, I will probably go to FGS and will definitely be at Atlanta FH Expo!

  2. You are going to be my go-to source for Kentucky genealogy!!! I have a FANTASTIC suggestion for you :)...swap the Atlanta expo for the Midwest Expo!!! Isn't Kansas City closer to you?

  3. LOL. Not quite Jenna. I'm in eastern KY so only abt. 5 hrs from Atlanta. It's over 10 to KC. But I'll be happy to help you w/ KY.

    Tonia - Hope you can work out NGS. Have you looked at the program?

  4. We were glad to have you as a Blogger of Honor at the 2010 Atlanta Family History Expo and look forward to having you back in 2011. We're going to have a great time!

  5. What a great idea to split your goals into multiple posts to create a series. Much easier for the reader to digest. I can relate to feeling like a convention junkie as I feel the same way after attending my first last June. Thank you for sharing your goals!

    PS I'll be joining you in 'starting' the NGS course.

  6. I guess I'll be seeing you in the "Holy City" aka Charleston for NGS!! Since it's my hometown, I'm combining the conference with a visit to my sister & friends!! 2 for 1, how's that for organizing :)

  7. Good luck with all of your 2011 genealogy goals. Hope you are able to make it to FGS 2011!

  8. Yay, more people to meet at conferences.