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Surname Saturday - Taylor

John Cook Taylor and Emma Jane Owens

John Cook Taylor was born on 25 Dec 1863 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. He was the 4th of 11 children born to James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey and he lived his entire life in Rockcastle County. John married Sarah A. "Sally" Ramsey on 8 Jun 1885. They had two daughters and Sally died on 12 Feb 1892. John married Margaret Frances "Fannie" Warren on 22 Aug 1894. They had one son and were divorced before 1900.

Emma Jane Owens was born  on 16 Apr 1882 in Rockcastle County. She was the youngest of 7 children born to Madison Crawford Owens and Cecilia Owens and she also lived her entire life in Rockcastle County.

John and Emma Jane were married on 16 Jan 1900 at her parents home in the community of Freedom. They started their marriage living in Mt. Vernon on West Main Street near Fairground Hill. During the next twenty years they lived in 4 other houses and also stayed with John's daughter, Susie, for a while when one of their houses burned to the ground. During those years John worked as a blacksmith at his shop behind what is now Cox's Hardware in downtown Mt. Vernon. Sometime in the 1920's he sold the blacksmith shop and bought a small farm on Buckeye Road just out of town. They lived there until the early 1930's then moved back in with Susie and her family until a nearby duplex became available and they moved just down the street from Susie. From there they moved back to the Buckeye area to a different farm that their son-in-law, Elmer Hopkins, bought.

John and Emma Jane never owned a car and neither of them could drive so, as John got older, living on the farm became a problem. Occasionally they went to town  in a wagon but they usually just walked. About 1945 John and Emma Jane moved back into Mt. Vernon to a different apartment in the duplex on West Main Street.

John died on 7 Sep 1953 at their home and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Mt. Vernon. Emma Jane died on 17 Mar 1968 at the Rockcastle Hospital in Mt. Vernon and was buried beside John in Elmwood.

John and Sally's children:
Grace was born on 27 Aug 1886 in Mt. Vernon and was five years old when her mother died. Gracie never married and had no children. She worked at the bus station and in Dr. Pennington's office and lived most of the time with John and Emma Jane. From 1937 - 1941 Gracie lived in Loyall with her sister, Emma, and her family. Emma was working as the Postmaster and Gracie kept house and babysat for Emma's children. Gracie died on 25 Sep 1961 in Mt. Vernon and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

Susan was born on 3 Feb 1889 in Mt. Vernon and had just turned three years old a few days before her mother died. Susie married August Krueger on 7 Sep 1911 at John and Emma Jane's house in Mt. Vernon. They had four children and August died on 16 Feb 1927. Susie married Harvey Owens on 31 Oct 1937 in Rockcastle County but the marriage didn't last for long and they were divorced. Susie died on 14 Feb 1964 in Mt. Vernon and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

John and Fannie's child:
William Robert was born on 16 May 1895 in Rockcastle County. John and Fannie divorced before 1900 and  Fannie moved to Kansas with her parents and other relatives sometime in the early 1900's.  Bill married Nellie Frances Ready on 21 Mar 1917 in Leavenworth County, Kansas and they had two sons. Bill was also married to Opal Phillips and Nell Thomas but did not have other children. Bill died on 7 Jul 1975 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas and was buried there in Memorial Park Cemetery.

John and Emma Jane's children:
Emma Ewers was born on 24 Oct 1900 in Mt. Vernon. She married Elmer Dennis Hopkins on 11 Oct 1920 in Jellico, Campbell County, Tennessee and they had four daughters. Emma and Elmer lived in Loyall, Harlan County, Kentucky during most of their marriage but also lived in Corbin twice during that time. Emma died on 19 Jan 1978 in Harlan and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Mt. Vernon.

Hartford Conn was born on 11 Apr 1905 in Mt. Vernon. He married Elizabeth Josephine Mulliner on 9 Nov 1928 in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois and they had two children. Hartford was a musician and recording artist in the 1930's and 40's. He was part of the duo, Karl and Harty, and also a member of the Cumberland Ridge Runners. Hartford died on 17 Oct 1963 in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois and was buried in Milburn Cemetery in Lake County.

Anna Rose was born on 10 Jun 1918 in Mt. Vernon. She married Emery Holt Chesnut on 3 Feb 1947 in Cook County, Illinois and they had one son. Anna Rose died on 17 Jul 1976 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan and was buried in Milburn Cemetery in Lake County, Illinois.

John and Emma Jane were my great-grandparents through their daughter, Emma. For sources and additional information, click on the links above. If you have a connection to this family, leave a comment or e-mail me.

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