Saturday, November 13, 2010

Atlanta Family History Expo - Photos

I don't know how I came away with so few pictures - just too busy with other things I guess.

Thomas MacEntee, Drucilla Pair, DearMYRTLE, Valerie Craft and 
Tonia Kendrick (Valerie is answering questions for someone who stopped by.)

Amy Coffin and Drucilla Pair

Angela Walton-Raji

Me answering the question "What is a Blog?"

Mavis Jones getting a little Tech Help

Social Media Q & A with Blogger Panel
Valerie Craft, Me, Drucilla Pair, DearMYRTLE, 
Tonia Kendrick, Amy Coffin and Holly Hansen (standing)


  1. You all did a nice job at the Social Media Q & A!