Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Week in the Family History - October 24 - 30

24 Oct 1855 (155 years ago) - Albert Elvie Hankins married Isabella Jane Goodloe in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Albert was the son of Houston Hankins and Mary Weeks. Janie was the daughter of John Emerson Goodloe and Eliza Ann Dobyns. [2nd great-grandparents, Hankins line]

24 Oct 1900 (110 years ago) - Emma Ewers Taylor was born in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Emma was the daughter of John Cook Taylor and Emma Jane Owens. [maternal grandmother, Taylor line]

28 Oct 1606 (404 years ago) - Thomas Goodlaw (Goodloe) died Aspull, Wigan Parish, Lancashire, England. Thomas was the son of Robert Gydlowe (Goodloe) and Anne Gerard and the husband of Elizabeth Kenyon. [13th great-grandfather, Hankins line]

28 Oct (86 years ago) - Ruby Marie Hopkins died in Shonn*, Harlan County, Kentucky at the age of 20 months. Ruby was the daughter of Elmer Dennis Hopkins and Emma Ewers Taylor. [grandaunt, Hopkins line]

30 Oct 1783 (227 years ago) - John Hankins married Sarah Gill in Frederick County, Virginia. The parents of both John and Sarah are unknown. [5th great-grandparents, Hankins line]

*Shonn was later re-named Loyall.


  1. I like the set up of the post. It is sureal sometimes to put it is perspective how long ago these events happened. It is also a good way to keep information alive :)

    Keep smilin