Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Week in the Family History - October 10 - 16

11 Oct 1855 (155 years ago) - James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey were married in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Jim was the son of William Taylor and Martha Ramsey. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Ramsey, Jr. and Rhoda Ann Lavender. [2nd great-grandparents, Taylor line]

11 Oct 1920 (90 years ago) - Elmer Dennis Hopkins married Emma Ewers Taylor in Jellico, Campbell County, Tennessee. Elmer was the son of James Arton Hopkins and Lucinda Howard. Emma was the daughter of John Cook Taylor and Emma Jane Owens. [maternal grandparents] (I wonder if my grandmother realized at the time that she was getting married on the 65th anniversary of her paternal grandparents marriage.)

12 Oct 1926 (84 years ago) - Nancy Jane Bennett Lanier died in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Nancy Jane was the daughter of John Bennett and Martha Gamble and the widow of Joseph Smith Lanier. [great-grandmother, Lanier line]


  1. Your grandmother probably didn't know, unless her mother told her. I had forgotten my own parents anniversary date until my mom told me my wedding day was a day before theirs. When you are young, I don't think you think of those things....
    are James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey, cousins? I have found a few cousin marriages in my line back in the day. I can't even fathom marrying a first cousin!

  2. Mamaw had their marriage date written down so at some point she would have known but I'm with you - I doubt she knew it at the time she got married, especially since her grandparents both died before she was born.

    Yes, Jim and Margaret were cousins. There seemed to be certain families who almost always married cousins - sorta like the Wilkes family in "Gone With The Wind" :). My Owens/Mullins line goes in circles instead of branches.