Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Who's to Blame?

I was a little busy last night with football fun (watching Kentucky finally beat a Steve Spurrier coached football team for the 1st time on the 18th try) so I'm having my Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Sunday afternoon.

Randy Seaver's mission this week is:
1)  Read Brenda Joyce Jerome's post Who or What Do You Blame? on the Western Kentucky Genealogy blog.  She asks these questions:
*  Can you identify person or event that started you on this search for family information? 
*  Did you pick up researching where a relative had left off? 
*  Did your interest stem from your child's school project on genealogy? 
*  If you have been researching many years, it may be hard to pinpoint one reason for this journey.
2)  Write your responses on your own blog, in a comment to this blog post, or in a note or comment on Facebook. 
The person who started me on the search for family information was my grandmother, Emma Ewers Taylor Hopkins, but I didn't get interested until many years after she died. I've written before about Mamaw's life story in a spiral notebook and fill-in-the-blanks family tree book. I looked at those books right after she died in 1978 but didn't really give them much thought for years after that. I don't know exactly why but I decided to look at them again in 2001.

Mamaw wasn't known for having much patience (except when it came to her grandchildren) and that's reflected in her family tree book. If you read it you might think she tried to fill the whole thing out in one day. There is a great deal of information about her family and my grandfather's family, mostly from personal knowledge or things she heard from her parents and in-laws, but everything isn't always in the right place in the book so it's sometimes hard to follow. I thought if I could just find some kind of family tree software I could sort out what she'd written. I was hooked before that task was completed.

BTW, I had read Brenda's post on Saturday but tailgating was calling me so I didn't have time to leave her a comment right then. 


  1. Ahhh...tailgating....I haven't done that in few years, what fun!

  2. Yep - I was hooked fairly quickly too :-) I suppose genealogy is something that captures your imagination early on, if you hit it at the right time. And thankfully, we did! Jo