Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ruby Marie Hopkins Died October 28, 1925

Ruby Marie Hopkins died 85 years ago today when she was just 20 months old. She was the daughter of my maternal grandparents Elmer Dennis Hopkins and Emma Ewers Taylor which makes her my aunt although it seems strange to think of this sweet baby as my aunt.


The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Hopkins, Shonn, Ky., last Wednesday evening and claimed for his own their youngest child, Ruby Marie, aged twenty months, two days. She had been ill with scarlet fever and dyptheria since October 14. Loving hands and medical skill did all that could be done but to no avail. Her remains were brought here Thursday and after funeral services, conducted by Rev. Bornwasser at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Taylor, was laid to rest Friday, October 30, in Elmwood Cemetery.

As the sweet flower that scents the Moon,
But withers in the rising day, 
Thus lovely was this infant's dawn,
Thus swiftly fled its life away.

Ruby's obituary was published in the Mt. Vernon Signal, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 


  1. That is so sad, but, how lucky you are to have such great photos of her. I have a few babies that passed early in age, and not a photo to be found. So very very sad.

  2. That is heartbreaking. It is odd to read this today, because yesterday I was reading the webpage of someone who had family history info on my mother-in-laws family, and at the bottom of the front page was a section dedicated to the author's son who had died at 25. She included his wedding pictures and I thought it was a nice way to keep his memory alive and to introduce him to others.
    When I was pregnant we could not think of a name for our son. We both liked the name Desmond but did not bring it up to each other because it was his sister's ex's name. Then we found out that my husband had an uncle who had died in Ireland when he was only a week old who was named Desmond. We knew then and there what our son was going to be named.

    Keep Smilin