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This Week in the Family History - October 31 - November 6

31 Oct 1769 (241 years ago) - Edward Dobyns married Amony Forrester in Richmond County, Virginia. Edward was the son of Charles Dobyns and Sarah Nash. Amony's parents and her maiden name are unknown. Forrester was the surname of her first husband, William. [5th great-grandparents, Hankins line]

1 Nov 1880 (130 years ago) - Stephen Hopkins Jr. married Barbary Saylor in Harlan County, Kentucky. Stephen was the son of Stephen Hopkins, Sr. and Catherine Clouse. Barbary was his 2nd wife. [3rd great-grandfather, Hopkins line]

5 Nov 1659 (351 years ago) - Joseph Buckland married Deborah Allen in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Joseph was the son of William Buckland and Mary Bosworth. Deborah was the daughter of John Allen and Christian (maiden name unknown). [9th great-grandparents, Hopkins line]

6 Nov 1661 (349 years ago) - Clement Lanier was buried in St. Alphege, East Greenwich, England. The exact date of his death is not known. Clement was the son of Nicholas Lanier and Lucreece Bassano and the husband of Lee Hannah Collet. [9th great-grandfather, Lanier line]

6 Nov 1851 (159 years ago) - Lewis H. Bennett died, probably in Troup County, Georgia. Lewis' parents are unknown. His wife, Teresa (maiden name unknown), survived him. [3rd great-grandfather, Lanier line]

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surname Saturday - Hopkins

James Arton Hopkins and Lucinda Howard

James  Arton "Jim" Hopkins was born on 1 Dec 1861 in Mulberry Gap, Hancock County, Tennessee. He was the son of Stephen Wolfenbarger and Eliza Hopkins, maybe. Eliza was definitely Jim's mother but the identity of his father isn't quite so certain. "The Story" goes that Eliza and Stephen were married, had two children and then Stephen was killed in the Civil War when the boys were very young. I have my doubts about that and you can read the details in a previous post here. No matter who Jim's father was, he and his brother, William Columbus, were raised by their maternal grandparents, Stephen and Rachel Hopkins and always used the Hopkins surname. Stephen Hopkins moved the family to Harlan County, Kentucky between 1862 and 1870. 

Lucinda "Cindy" Howard was born on 15 Feb 1867 in Harlan County, Kentucky in the town of Wallins Creek. She was the daughter of John Covey Howard and Mary F. Morris. Cindy had 14 half-siblings and 6 full siblings. She was the 19th of her father's 20 children and the 7th of her mother's 8 children. 

Jim and Cindy were married on 25 Dec 1885 in Wallins Creek and settled there on property given to them by her parents. Their first 7 sons were born there between 1886 and 1900. Shortly after the 1900 census was taken they moved to Rockcastle County, Kentucky near Brodhead. Two more sons and a daughter were born there. About 1919 they moved to the Rockcastle County community of Gum Sulphur then in 1923 they moved to Harlan Township in Warren County, Ohio - a rural area between Morrow and Blanchester.

Jim's main occupation was farming but he also served as a magistrate in Wallin Creek in the late 1890's. Cindy was a very good seamstress and even made suits for her sons. 

Jim died on 5 Jan 1933 in Harlan Township and was buried in Morrow Cemetery. Just a couple of month's later, Cindy's brother-in-law, Lige Brock, also died so her sister, Sarah, moved from Wallins Creek to Ohio to live with Cindy. Cindy and Sarah moved back to Wallins Creek sometime in the 1940's. Cindy sold the Warren County, Ohio property in 1946 but they were probably already back in Wallins Creek by that time. Cindy died at her home in Wallins Creek on 16 May 1957 and was buried beside Jim in Morrow Cemetery in Morrow, Ohio.

Jim and Cindy's children:
John Covey was born on 9 Nov 1886 in Wallins Creek. He married Idress Jane "Ida" Howard on 3 Nov 1917 in Bexar County, Texas. They had one son and later divorced but neither ever re-married. John joined the US Army in 1905 and retired thirty years later in 1935. He died on 4 Mar 1969 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida and was buried there in Garden of Memories Cemetery.

Henry Madison was born on 9 Jan 1899 in Wallins Creek. Henry served in the US Army. He married Bessie Hamlin about 1920. By 1930 they had moved from Rockcastle County to Wayne County, Michigan. Henry worked as motorman on a street car in Detroit and they had no children. Henry died on 7 Feb 1984 in Flint, Genesse County, Michigan.

Elijah "Lige" was born on 8 Aug 1891 in Wallins Creek. He married Leila Mae Hunt about 1912 and they had 6 children. Lige was a farmer in Rockcastle County. He died on 14 May 1975 in Rockcastle County and was buried there in Maretburg Cemetery.

Elmer Dennis was born on 2 Apr 1894 in Wallins Creek. Elmer serve two separate tours of duty in the US Army, the 2nd one during World War I. He married Emma Ewers Taylor on 11 Oct 1920 in Jellico, Campbell County, Tennessee and they had four daughters. Elmer worked for L & N Railroad and they lived in Loyall, Harlan County, Kentucky for most of their marriage although they also lived in Corbin, Knox County at two different times. Elmer died on 26 May 1980 in Harlan and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Rockcastle County.

Orie Columbus "Lum" was born on 24 May 1896 in Wallins Creek. He married Nancy Helton 27 Mar 1920 in Rockcastle County. They had one son and were divorced. Lum married two other times but did not have more children. He worked as a milk truck driver and farmer in Warren County, Ohio. Lum died in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio on 25 Mar 1981 and was buried in Morrow Cemetery where his parents were buried.

Leo Berry was born on 28 Feb 1898 in Wallins Creek. He married Marie Beedy in 1921 in Cincinnati and they had five children. Berry was an auto worker and also bought, remodeled and sold houses. He died on 15 Sep 1988 in Flint, Genesse County, Michigan and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Genesse County.

Howard Doctor "Doc" was born on 26 Jan 1900 in Wallins Creek. He married Mary Locke in 1933 and they had one son. Doc served in both the US Army and Navy. He worked as a barber and machinist later in life but he was also a well known musician and recording artist in the 1930's and 40's performing as a solo act and also as part of the Cumberland Ridge Runners. Doc died on 3 Jan 1988 in Evanston, Cook County, Illinois. He was buried there in Calvary Cemetery. 

General Grant was born on 2 Aug 1902 in Rockcastle County. He served in the Marines from 1921-1924 and married Daisy Hollon in 1926 in Cincinnati. Grant and Daisy had two sons and he worked as a carpenter. Grant died on 8 Mar 1963 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona. [Note: General was his first name not a military rank.]

Lula Mae was born on 26 Nov 1904 in Rockcastle County. She married Tom Kelly but the marriage did not last very long. She had no children. Lula died on 18 Oct 1989 in Tampa and was buried there in Garden of Memories Cemetery.

Walter was born and died in 1906 in Rockcastle County. It's unknown how long he lived but it was apparently less than a year. Walter was buried in Maretburg Cemetery in Rockcastle County where almost 70 years later his older brother, Lige, was also buried. 

Jim and Cindy were my great-grandparents through their son, Elmer. For sources and additional information, click on the links above. If you have a connection to this family, leave a comment here or e-mail me

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Ruby Marie Hopkins Died October 28, 1925

Ruby Marie Hopkins died 85 years ago today when she was just 20 months old. She was the daughter of my maternal grandparents Elmer Dennis Hopkins and Emma Ewers Taylor which makes her my aunt although it seems strange to think of this sweet baby as my aunt.


The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Hopkins, Shonn, Ky., last Wednesday evening and claimed for his own their youngest child, Ruby Marie, aged twenty months, two days. She had been ill with scarlet fever and dyptheria since October 14. Loving hands and medical skill did all that could be done but to no avail. Her remains were brought here Thursday and after funeral services, conducted by Rev. Bornwasser at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Taylor, was laid to rest Friday, October 30, in Elmwood Cemetery.

As the sweet flower that scents the Moon,
But withers in the rising day, 
Thus lovely was this infant's dawn,
Thus swiftly fled its life away.

Ruby's obituary was published in the Mt. Vernon Signal, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Ruby Marie Hopkins

Elmwood Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Ruby Marie Hopkins
Feb. 14, 1924 - Oct. 28, 1925

Ruby was the daughter of Elmer Dennis Hopkins and Emma Ewers Taylor. 

Note: Ruby's birth date was actually Feb. 26th.

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This Week in the Family History - October 24 - 30

24 Oct 1855 (155 years ago) - Albert Elvie Hankins married Isabella Jane Goodloe in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Albert was the son of Houston Hankins and Mary Weeks. Janie was the daughter of John Emerson Goodloe and Eliza Ann Dobyns. [2nd great-grandparents, Hankins line]

24 Oct 1900 (110 years ago) - Emma Ewers Taylor was born in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Emma was the daughter of John Cook Taylor and Emma Jane Owens. [maternal grandmother, Taylor line]

28 Oct 1606 (404 years ago) - Thomas Goodlaw (Goodloe) died Aspull, Wigan Parish, Lancashire, England. Thomas was the son of Robert Gydlowe (Goodloe) and Anne Gerard and the husband of Elizabeth Kenyon. [13th great-grandfather, Hankins line]

28 Oct (86 years ago) - Ruby Marie Hopkins died in Shonn*, Harlan County, Kentucky at the age of 20 months. Ruby was the daughter of Elmer Dennis Hopkins and Emma Ewers Taylor. [grandaunt, Hopkins line]

30 Oct 1783 (227 years ago) - John Hankins married Sarah Gill in Frederick County, Virginia. The parents of both John and Sarah are unknown. [5th great-grandparents, Hankins line]

*Shonn was later re-named Loyall.

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Same Birthday as Yours

This week's mission from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings:

1)  Is there a person in your genealogy database that has the same birth date that you do?  If so, tell us about him or her - what do you know, and how is s/he related to you?
2)  For bonus points, how did you determine this?  What feature or process did you use in your software to work this problem out?  I think the Calendar feature probably does it, but perhaps you have a trick to make this work outside of the calendar function.
1.) There are four people in my database who share my birth date (month and day only, no one shares the full date). Two of them are still living so I'll skip them. The other two are:

Lucy Waller Goodloe and Jalia Tetitia Owens

Lucy was born 11 Nov 1805, the daughter of Henry Lewis Goodloe and Elizabeth Berry. She was the sister of my 3rd great-grandfather, John Emerson Goodloe, so she was my 3rd great-grandaunt. Lucy married Horace Pritchett on 1 Nov 1827 in Hopkins County, Kentucky and she died there on 11 Jun 1887.

Jalia was born 11 Nov 1833 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, the daughter of Wesley Owens and Louis A. Mullins. She was the sister of my 2nd great-grandmother, Cecilia Owens, so she was my 2nd great-grandaunt. Jalia married Solomon Griffin around 1858 and she died on 14 Feb 1876 in Rockcastle County.

2.) My genealogy software of choice is Legacy Family Tree but I used a different process than Randy used to get my list.

     * Click on "Search" on the Toolbar.
     * On the "Detailed Search" tab select "Individual" (look for whom), "Birth Date"
        (where to look), "Contains" (how to look) and "11 Nov" (what to look for) and
        click "Create List.

For more about Lucy and Jalia, click on the links above. 

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Surname Saturday - Hankins

Thomas Leander Hankins and Samantha Angeline Petty

Thomas Leander "Lee" Hankins was born on 13 Jun 1858 in Hopkins County, Kentucky, the son of Albert Hankins and Isabella Jane Goodloe. Lee had two brothers and one sister and they were the 5th generation of the Hankins family to live in Hopkins County and the 4th generation of the Goodloe family.

Samantha Angeline Petty was born on 3 Apr 1861 in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia. She was the daughter of John R, Petty and Margaret E. Thomas, the 3rd of their 10 children. Samantha's family came to Kentucky around 1868, settling first in Logan County then moving on to Hopkins County between 1870 and 1876. 

Lee and Samantha were married on 14 May 1879 at the Hopkins County courthouse in Madisonville. They lived in Hopkins County for the rest of their lives but in several different communities. In 1880, they were living in Earlington but sometime between then and 1891 they moved to Dalton where several of their seven children were born. In 1903 they moved back to Earlington and built a house there in 1904. In the 1920's they moved to Madisonville to a house on West Broadway. 

Lee worked as a farmer but was also a Baptist minister. He served as the minister for several churches in Hopkins County and neighboring Webster County over the years.  

Lee died on 23 Apr 1929 at their home in Madisonville from complications of diabetes. Samantha died on 7 Jan 1944 at the Hopkins County Hospital from influenza. They were both buried in Grapevine Cemetery in Hopkins County. 

Lee and Samantha's children:
Thomas Richard "Dick" was born on 13 Jun 1858 in Hopkins County. He married Bettie Smith there on 1 Mar 1905 and they had two children. Bettie died in 1909 and Dick married Edith Rhea Jackson between 1910 and 1914, probably in Tennessee. Dick and Rhea lived in Birmingham, Alabama and had one son. Dick died on 11 Jan 1965 in Birmingham and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Springfield, Robertson County, Tennessee.

Albert Elvie was born on 17 Oct 1882 in Hopkins County. He served in the US Army during World War I and spent 18 months in France. He was married at least 4 times, probably more, but had no children. He died on 7 Jun 1959 in Arizona and was buried in Pines Cemetery, Spokane, Washington where he had been living for several years.

Verda Waller was born on 1 Dec 1884 in Hopkins County. She married John William McCauley on 27 Sep 1904 in Earlington. Verda and Will had 11 children between 1905 and 1932. They initially lived in Hopkins County but moved to neighboring Muhlenberg County between 1906 and 1909. Verda died on 16 May 1942 in Greenville, Muhlenberg County and was buried there in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Aggie Lee was born on 3 Nov 1889 in Hopkins County and died before she was 20 months old on 2 Jul 1891. She was buried in Prospect Cemetery in Dalton, Hopkins County.

John Corum was born on 22 Dec 1893 in Hopkins County, He married Gertie Tapp there on 28 Dec 1910. They had 3 children and John died on 7 Sep 1923 in Madisonville. One of their children died in 1916 as an infant and Gertie died in 1925. Their two surviving children went to live with Lee and Samantha.

William Perry was born in Oct 1898 in Hopkins County. He enlisted in the US Army in 1916 and was discharged in 1920. He was stationed in France for a time during World War I. He married Margaret Hill on 12 Apr 1921 in Hopkins County. They had one child and Perry died in Denver, Colorado in 1922 of tuberculous. He was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Hopkins County.

James Bailey was born on 27 Mar 1901 in Hopkins County. He joined the US Army in 1917 and was discharged in 1919. Like his brothers Elvie and Perry, Jimmy also served in France during World War I. He was married twice but had no children. He died on 26 Nov 1874 in Carlsbad, California. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern California.

Lee and Samantha were my great-grandparents through their daughter, Verda. For sources and additional information, click on the links above. If you have a connection to this family, leave a comment here or e-mail me.

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Who's to Blame?

I was a little busy last night with football fun (watching Kentucky finally beat a Steve Spurrier coached football team for the 1st time on the 18th try) so I'm having my Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Sunday afternoon.

Randy Seaver's mission this week is:
1)  Read Brenda Joyce Jerome's post Who or What Do You Blame? on the Western Kentucky Genealogy blog.  She asks these questions:
*  Can you identify person or event that started you on this search for family information? 
*  Did you pick up researching where a relative had left off? 
*  Did your interest stem from your child's school project on genealogy? 
*  If you have been researching many years, it may be hard to pinpoint one reason for this journey.
2)  Write your responses on your own blog, in a comment to this blog post, or in a note or comment on Facebook. 
The person who started me on the search for family information was my grandmother, Emma Ewers Taylor Hopkins, but I didn't get interested until many years after she died. I've written before about Mamaw's life story in a spiral notebook and fill-in-the-blanks family tree book. I looked at those books right after she died in 1978 but didn't really give them much thought for years after that. I don't know exactly why but I decided to look at them again in 2001.

Mamaw wasn't known for having much patience (except when it came to her grandchildren) and that's reflected in her family tree book. If you read it you might think she tried to fill the whole thing out in one day. There is a great deal of information about her family and my grandfather's family, mostly from personal knowledge or things she heard from her parents and in-laws, but everything isn't always in the right place in the book so it's sometimes hard to follow. I thought if I could just find some kind of family tree software I could sort out what she'd written. I was hooked before that task was completed.

BTW, I had read Brenda's post on Saturday but tailgating was calling me so I didn't have time to leave her a comment right then. 

This Week in the Family History - October 17 - 23

17 Oct 1706 (304 years ago) - Garrett Minor married Diana Vivian were married in Virginia. Garrett was the son of Doodes Minor and Elizabeth Cocke. Diana was the daughter of John Vivian and Margaret Smith. [8th great-grandparents, Hankins line]

17 Oct (128 years ago) - Albert Elvie Hankins was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Elvie was the son of Thomas Leander "Lee" Hankins and Samantha Angeline Petty. [granduncle, Hankins line]

17 Oct 1963 (47 years ago) - Hartford Conn Taylor died in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois. Hartford was the son of John Cook Taylor and Emma Jane Owens. [granduncle, Taylor line]

22 Oct 1835 (175 years ago) - William Washington Lanier married Charlotte T. Jackson in Meriwether County, Georgia. William was the son of James Lanier and Polly Smith. Charlotte was the daughter of Samuel W. Jackson and Lavinia Malone. [2nd great-grandparents, Lanier line]

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - Bennett

John T. Bennett and Martha Lucinda Gamble

John T. Bennett was born on 7 Feb 1831 in South Carolina, the son of Lewis H. Bennett and his wife, Teresa (maiden name unknown). The family was in Darlington County, South Carolina in 1830 and had moved to Troup County, Georgia by 1840. 

Martha Lucinda Gamble was born about 1830 in South Carolina, probably Laurens County. She was the 6th of 10 children born to David Gamble and Anna Finney. The family moved from Laurens County to Heard County, Georgia between 1830 and 1840.

Even though the Bennett and Gamble families lived in separate counties, they lived near each other. John's family lived in north western Troup County, just a few miles south of the Heard County line and the area where Martha's family lived. The exact date and location of John and Martha's wedding is unknown but it was probably about 1851 and most likely in Heard County. They were both listed with their parents in the 1850 census and their first child was born in 1852. By 1860 they were living in Heard County with four children.

John enlisted in Company I of the 41st Georgia Infantry of the Confederate Army on 4 Aug 1862 in Franklin (Heard County), Georgia. He was captured near Nashville, Tennessee on 16 Dec 1864 and was held as a prisoner of war at the Military Prison in Louisville, Kentucky and at Camp Chase, Ohio. He was released on 12 Jun 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. Confederate records describe John as 5'7" with blue eyes, light hair and fair complexion. His residence in 1865 was Randolph County, Alabama which borders both Heard and Troup Counties.

John and Martha had nine children born between 1852 and 1870. In 1870 and 1880 the family was living in Randolph County. In 1900 John was living with their daughter, Mollie, and her children in neighboring Chambers County, Alabama. Martha was not listed with them so she probably died sometime between 1880 and 1900. John was still living with Mollie and her children in 1910 but they had moved to Morgan County, Alabama north of Birmingham. There is some question about the date of John's death. The date on his headstone is 15 Mar 1910 but he was listed in the 1910 census which was taken a month later on April 15th. John was buried in Welcome Baptist Church Cemetery, Cullman County, Alabama which is just a few miles from their home in Morgan County. 

John and Martha's children:
Nancy Jane was born 27 Jul 1852 in Heard County. She married Joseph Smith Lanier, son of William Washington Lanier and Charlotte Jackson about 1869. They had at least 12 children (maybe 14) but only 10 survived childhood. Nancy Jane died on 12 Oct 1926 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. She was buried in Hillview Cemetery, LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia without a marker.

Justian E. "Joe" was born about 1854 in Georgia, probably Heard County. He was listed in census records with his parents in 1860 and 1870 but nothing further is known about him.

Thomas was born about 1856 in Georgia, probably Heard County. He was listed in census records with his parents in 1860, 1870 and 1880 but nothing further is known about him.

Sarah Ann "Sallie" was born about 1858 in Georgia, probably Heard County. She was listed in census records with her parents in 1860, 1870 and 1880 but nothing further is known about her.

Teresa was born about 1860 in Alabama. She was listed in the 1870 census with her parents but nothing further is known about her.

Mary "Mollie" and Martha "Mattie" were twins born on 15 Feb 1863 in Georgia (possibly Alabama). Mollie married Warren Hester and had three children. Mattie never married and lived with Mollie most of her life except for a time around 1900 when she lived with their sister, Nancy Jane. Mollie died on 15 Mar 1933 in Joppa, Morgan County, Alabama and was buried in Welcome Baptist Church Cemetery next to her father. Mattie died on 26 Jan 1952 in Joppa and was also buried in Welcome Baptist Church Cemetery.

John "Jack" was born about 1868 in Alabama. He was listed in census records with his parents in 1870 and 1880 but nothing further is known about him.

Robert was born about 1870 in Alabama. He was listed in census records with his parents in 1870 and 1880 and was probably the Robert Bennett who married a woman named Ida and moved from Randolph County to Cullman County between 1900 and 1910. That Robert was born on 19 Dec 1869 in Randolph County and died on 13 Nov 1949 in Morgan County but his death certificate lists his father as Alley Bennett. [Click on the link for the details of why the Cullman and Morgan County Robert Bennett is probably John and Martha's son.] 

John and Martha were my 2nd great-grandparents through their daughter, Nancy Jane. For sources and additional information, click on the links above. If you have a connection to this family, leave a comment here or e-mail me.

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Win Ticket to Atlanta Family History Expo

Are you interested in winning a ticket to the upcoming Atlanta Family History Expo

As I announced earlier this month, I will be attending the Atlanta Family History Expo as a Blogger of Honor. I didn't mention at that time that I have two free tickets to give away to readers courtesy of the nice people at Family History Expos.

Here's the deal: To enter to win either post a comment below (be sure to include a valid e-mail address) or send me an e-mail (if you'd rather not post your e-mail address in comments). The deadline is midnight EDT on Oct. 24th. Winners will be selected by random drawing and notified on Oct. 25th. It's just that simple.

NOTE: The free ticket covers the registration fee and is provided by Family History Expos. No other expenses are included. 

Treasure Chest Thursday - Old Family Photos

The New England Historic Genealogical Society's weekly newsletter includes a survey. This weeks question is regarding how many generations back (starting with parents) do you have photographs, portraits, or other visual images of at least one person in your direct line? 

My answer is 2nd great-grandparents. This is one of those things that I knew but never really thought much about. Like most people, I have pictures of both of my parents and all four of my grandparents. I also have pictures of 7 of my 8 great-grandparents and 7 of my 16 gg grandparents. I'm sure there are people with more photos but that seems like it might be better than average numbers. Most of these pictures have been posted before but they are worth a second look in this context.

Photos of great-great-grandparents

1838 - 1905

1837 - 1912

1806 - 1899

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Wordless Wednesday - Rissie McFerron

Rissie McFerron
1897 - 1937

Rissie died 73 years ago today. She was the daughter of Susan "Susie" Taylor and William P. McFerron and the great-granddaughter of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. Rissie married John Davis Miller in 1918 and later married someone named Stapp (that is the surname on her headstone).

[Photo courtesy of Gayle Wagner Evans.]

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Ramsey Taylor Cemetery

Ramsey Taylor Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Over the past few months I've posted photos of many of the headstones in this cemetery. Today's photo is a overview of the cemetery in honor of the people buried here without markers. Among them are my gg grandparents, James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. Jim and Margaret were married 155 years ago yesterday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Week in the Family History - October 10 - 16

11 Oct 1855 (155 years ago) - James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey were married in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Jim was the son of William Taylor and Martha Ramsey. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Ramsey, Jr. and Rhoda Ann Lavender. [2nd great-grandparents, Taylor line]

11 Oct 1920 (90 years ago) - Elmer Dennis Hopkins married Emma Ewers Taylor in Jellico, Campbell County, Tennessee. Elmer was the son of James Arton Hopkins and Lucinda Howard. Emma was the daughter of John Cook Taylor and Emma Jane Owens. [maternal grandparents] (I wonder if my grandmother realized at the time that she was getting married on the 65th anniversary of her paternal grandparents marriage.)

12 Oct 1926 (84 years ago) - Nancy Jane Bennett Lanier died in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Nancy Jane was the daughter of John Bennett and Martha Gamble and the widow of Joseph Smith Lanier. [great-grandmother, Lanier line]

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surname Saturday - Lanier

Starting this week, I'm changing my Surname Saturday format. I have made my way back 10 generations in my database and am getting to surnames that have very limited information. This new format will focus on a specific couple in my direct line each week in more detail than before.

William Washington Lanier and Charlotte T. Jackson

William Washington Lanier was born on 15 Mar 1813 in Jasper County, Georgia, the son of James Lanier and Polly Smith. Between 1820 and 1830, his family moved to Meriwether County, Georgia.

Charlotte T. Jackson was also born in Jasper County, Georgia. Her birth date was either the 3rd or 15th of November, 1818 (depending on whether you believe her headstone or a family Bible owned by one of her grandsons). Her parents were Samuel W. Jackson and Lavinia Malone who had also moved from Jasper County to Meriwether County between 1820 and 1830.

William and Charlotte were married on 22 Oct 1835 in Meriwether County and by 1840 they were living in Randolph County, Alabama. Randolph County is located along the Alabama-Georgia border. Charlotte's parents had also made the move to this area and settled in neighboring Heard County, Georgia. William and Charlotte may have moved back and forth between Alabama and Georgia during the time period of 1847 to 1862 as their children born during those years either have Georgia consistently listed as birth place or sometimes list Georgia and sometimes list Alabama. By 1870, they had moved to Chambers County, Alabama (just south of Randolph) where, it appears, they remained for the rest of their lives.

William was listed as a farmer in census records but there are no deeds to show that he ever owned property in either Randolph or Chambers County.

Eleven children were born to William and Charlotte between 1836 and 1862. William died at Fredonia in Chambers County in 1892 on either January 28th or February 11th. Charlotte also died in Fredonia in 1892. Her date of death is also questionable - either September 26th or October 20th. (These conflicting dates, like Charlotte's birth date, are between their headstones and information recorded in a family Bible that belonged to one of their grandsons.) Both William and Charlotte are buried at New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery in Fredonia.

William and Charlotte's children:
James Jackson was born on 13 Oct 1836, probably in Meriwether County. He enlisted in Company F of the 21st Georgia Infantry of the Confederate Army on 28 Feb 1862 at Antioch, Georgia. He was wounded at Manassas, Virginia on 28 Aug 1862 and was captured by General Sheridan's forces at Strausburg, Virginia on 22 Sep 1864. James was sent to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, arriving there on 3 Oct 1864, and was exchanged on 17 Mar 1865. He married Mary J. Knard about 1865 and they had 10 children. James died on 21 Jun 1902 and was buried next to his parents at New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery.

Jefferson F. was born on 3 Nov 1838, probably in Randolph County. Jeff enlisted in Company I of the 13th Alabama Infantry of the Confederate Army on 19 Jul 1861 in Montgomery, Alabama. This unit was formed by men from several counties including Randolph. He was reported absent starting in February, 1862 and later muster rolls stated he was "supposed to be dead." There is no evidence that he ever married or had children.

John D. was born on 29 Dec 1840 in Randolph County. Nothing further is known about John except that he may have died young.

William W. was born on 16 Sep 1844 in Alabama. He joined Company B of the 5th Battalion Hilliard's Legion of the Alabama Cavalry on 11 Mar 1862 in Rock Mills (which is in Randolph County). This unit later became part of the 10th Cavalry, CSA. The last muster roll for William was dated 30 Jun 1864 but there is no record showing he was discharged. It is unclear what happened to William after the Civil War or even if he survived it. Many researchers list him as marrying 1st Beatrice Boazman and then Emma Boazman and dying in 1931 in Birmingham, Alabama but the death certificate for that William Lanier lists his parents as Leo Lanier and Martha Malone so he was not this William.

Joseph Smith was born on 2 Jun 1847 in either Alabama or Georgia. He married Nancy Jane Bennett, the daughter of John T Bennett and Martha Lucinda Gamble, about 1869. Joseph and Nancy Jane had at least 12 children and maybe 14 but only 10 survived childhood. Joseph died on 1 May 1909, probably in Mississippi.

Mary E. was born on 4 Sep 1849 in Georgia. She died sometime after 1870 and probably before 1880. Her headstone only has this date and some researchers show it as her date of death but Mary was listed with her parents in both the 1860 and 1870 census. Her nephew's Bible lists this date as her birth date but doesn't list a date of death. She is buried in New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery next to her parents.

Sarah Ann was born on 19 Dec 1852 in Georgia. She married Andrew Jackson Proctor on 15 Oct 1871 in Troup County, Georgia. They had 11 children and Sarah died on 17 Apr 1904 in Troup County. She was buried in Hillview Cemetery in LaGrange (Troup County).

Melissa Caroline was born on 21 May 1854 in Georgia. She married Nathaniel Rufus Adamson and they had  5 children. Melissa died on 8 Aug 1927 in Troup County and was also buried in Hillview Cemetery.

Susan Charlotte was born on 15 Dec 1858 in Georgia. She married James J. Orrick abt. 1876. They had 8 children and Susan died between 1900 and 1910.

Frances Elizabeth was born on 12 Jun 1859 in Georgia. She was married three times and had 8 children. She 1st married Thomas Elbert Waller, 2nd John A. Sheppard and 3rd William Jasper Clark. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Lanett, Chambers County, Alabama beside her 2nd husband.

George David was born on 2 Jun 1862 in Hickory Flat, Chambers County, Alabama. He married Epsy Gunn Hammack on 25 Oct 1883 in Chambers County. They had 5 children and moved to Bell County, Texas between 1900 and 1910. After Epsy's death, George married Rhoda Price Shelton on 22 Oct 1925 in Bell County. George died on 22 Apr 1936 in Bell County and was buried there in Greathouse Cemetery.

William and Charlotte were my 2nd great-grandparents through their son, Joseph, For sources and additional information, click on the links above. If you have a connection to this family, leave a comment here or e-mail me

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thirteen Year Old Wagon Driver Hit By Train

Tuesday's Tombstone photo was the headstone for James Thomas "Tommy" Taylor, son of Josiah Love Taylor and Mary Alice Kirby. When I first saw Tommy's headstone and noticed his birth and death dates, I wondered what caused his death at age 13 but assumed the cause was some long since curable medical condition. When I checked for his obituary, I didn't expect to find the story of a tragic accident. 

From Mt. Vernon Signal, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

20 Jan 1905: Killed. - Tommy Taylor, age 13, the boy who drove J. Fish's delivery wagon, was struck by a freight train at the crossing north of the depot Monday morning, from the effects of which he died about midnight Monday night. It is a very dangerous crossing especially with a wagon, as the noise of the wagon will counteract that of the train and with trains coming from the south all view is cut off by reason of the hotel and section house until they are right on the crossings. Several persons saw the terrible accident and in the wagon with Tommy, was one of Rev. T. D. Mullins' little boys who saved himself only by jumping and he says the engine was nearly to the tool house, when they started over the track, which would be only a few feet away and while the engineer put on his air in the emergency and stopped as soon as it was possible, yet wagon, horse and driver had been hit some three or four times and knocked some fifteen or twenty feet up the track. The wagon was completely demolished, the horse so bruised up that he will doubtless ever recover and the faithful driver bruised, mangled and unconscious, living only a few hours. Whether the boy saw the train and was trying to beat it across or whether he failed to see the train until it was right on him is a question but from what we have been able to gather, it seems that it was one of those sad accidents which often comes, almost inexplainable and for which one is wholly to blame.

20 Jan 1905: The sad accident of last Monday, in which Tommy Taylor lost his life calls forth a statement, which should mean much to the parents of the younger boys and even some of the small girls. Hardly a day passes that some of the little folks do not run across the track in front of the passenger trains and should they happen to fall in nine cases our of ten, would be caught before they could get out of the way. This is only one of the many wreckless things done, which if fully realized by the parents would cause a more careful watch.
[Tommy's headstone lists his date of death as his 13th birthday, 15 Jan 1905, but that day was a Sunday. The newspaper doesn't give the actual date but mentions three times that it occurred on a Monday. Tommy was driving a delivery wagon for Fish's store and it's unlikely the store was open on a Sunday so the date of his death was more likely the 16th and possibly even the 17th since he died "about midnight."]

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - James Thomas Taylor

Ramsey-Taylor Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

James T. Tayler
Born Jan. 15, 1892
Died Jan. 15, 1905
Our Darling Son

James Thomas "Tommy" Taylor was the son of Josiah Love Taylor and Mary Alice Kirby. He died in a tragic accident that occurred the day after his 13th birthday. Check back tomorrow for the story of his death.

[Note: The date of death on his headstone is probably incorrect. The correct date is more likely Jan. 16th.]

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Week in the Family History - October 3 - 9

5 Oct 1836 (174 years ago) - John Emerson Goodloe married Eliza Ann Dobyns in Hopkins County, Kentucky. John was the son of Henry Lewis Goodloe and Elizabeth Berry. Eliza Ann was the daughter of Edward Dobyns and Sarah Mott. [3rd great-grandparents, Hankins line]

Oct 1898 (112 years ago) - William Perry Hankins was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Perry was the son of Thomas Leander Hankins and Samantha Angeline Petty. [great uncle, Hankins line]

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Atlanta Family History Expo

I'm pleased to announce that I will be attending the Atlanta Family History Expo as a Blogger of Honor. This will be my first Family History Expo but I've read what other bloggers have written about previous expos and they all seem to have one thing in common - they have a great time. I can't wait! 

This event will be held November 12-13 at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, Georgia. Click on the graphic or link above for the details including hotels, agenda and online registration. 

Below is the complete list of the Atlanta Bloggers of Honor. I met Tonia and Thomas in August at FGS in Knoxville and it will be great to see them again. I look forward to meeting everyone else on the list for the first time. And I also hope to see you there so if you're planning to attend leave me a comment or e-mail me.

Atlanta Family History Expo Bloggers of Honor:
Valerie Craft – Begin with Craft
Luckie Daniels – Our Georgia Roots and Our Alabama Roots and more!
Tonia Kendrick – Tonia’s Roots
Thomas MacEntee – Geneabloggers and Destination Austin Family and more!
Linda McCauley – Documenting the Details
“Myrt” (aka Pat Richley-Erickson) – DearMYRTLE and Genea-Quilters and more!
Drusilla Pair – Find Your Folks
Angela Walton-Raji – The African-Native American Genealogy Blog and African Roots Podcast and more!

And I just have to add - I can't believe I'm on a list with DearMYRTLE! 

Surname Saturday - Godson

Today's surname is Godson. The name of a 7th great-grandmother.

5. Verda Waller Hankins
10. Thomas Leander Hankins
21. Isabella Jane Goodloe
43. Eliza Ann Dobyns
86. Edward Dobyns
172. Edward Dobyns
344. Charles Dobyns

689. Elizabeth Godson
Born Jul 1666
Married 1st Maj. Henry Smith abt. 1686
Married 2nd Daniel Dobyns abt. 1688
Died bef. 1703

1378. Peter Godson
Married Sarah Hodgkins
Died bef. 1670

Click on the links above for sources and possibly additional information on each ancestor and their families. If you have a connection, e-mail me.