Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Newspapers (Part 7)

More newspaper treasures.

From the Mt. Vernon Signal, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky:

19 May 1899: Tom Taylor of this town tells the following story of how he got his wife to dig up the garden shortly after they were married: He says he sallied forth one morning with spade and hoe and after scratching around awhile came in to wash the dirt off a nickel and a dime; he had struck it rich he said. "Struck what?" replied Mrs. Taylor. "An old camp ground don't you see the money?" replied Tom. Back to the garden he went whistling "Sweet Marie." Directly he came in showing a quarter, saying he could afford to take a nap, having gained enough for one day anyhow. When he awoke his wife had the whole plot of ground turned over and had found only a brass breeches button. She did not know that Tom had salted the mine.

William Thomas "Tom" Taylor was the son of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey and the brother of my great-grandfather, John C. Taylor. His wife was Mary Elizabeth Fletcher

Tom and Mary Elizabeth had been married for 19 years by the time this story ran in the newspaper so I guess she had long since forgiven him and had probably heard this story told many times over the years.

These clips were found using the searchable newspaper collection at Kentuckiana Digital LibraryKentucky papers in this collection are also available through the Library of Congress' Chronicling America(Both of these sites are free.)

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  1. These are so wonderful! I suspect Mary Elizabeth had a few stories of her own...