Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - The Time Machine

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings has posted this week's mission for some Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.
1) Determine which event in your ancestral history that you would love to be a witness to via a Time Machine. Assume that you could observe the event, but not participate in it.
2) Tell us about it in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a comment on Facebook.
Oh, so many choices. It's taken several hours to decide on one but here is what I'd chose.

I'd go back to Chambers County, Alabama in the late 1890's when my great-grandparents, Joseph Smith Lanier and Nancy Jane Bennett decided to move to Mississippi. I'd make that trip across Alabama to Monroe County, Mississippi with them and stay with them for a few months afterward.

So many of my questions could have surely been answered during that time period.   

1. How did they travel? Horse and wagon? Train?
2. Who actually made the trip? Did daughters, Lula and Emma, get married before the move and remain in the Chambers County area (like I suspect even though they were listed with the family in Mississippi in the 1900 census)? If so, who did they marry? 
3. Why Monroe County, Mississippi? Did they know where they were going when they left Chambers County or just head west and decide to stop when they got to Monroe County?
4. How did the family end up living on the Watkins Plantation with Joseph and the older boys working as tenant farmers? Was this arranged before the move or after they got to Mississippi?
5. If it was after they got to Mississippi, where and how did they live in the meantime?
6. When was my grandfather and his 1st wife's child born? Boy or girl? Name? 

I'm sure I have more questions but that's a good start on what I'd like to know.

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