Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mystery Monday - Who Are They?

Every family has them - those photos of people no one can identify. I always scan them because they are either relatives or close friends to someone in the family. I've even had a bit of luck figuring out a few, usually when someone else has a picture of the same person and they either know who they were or have a name on their picture. I've decided to start posting these mystery photos. Maybe someone out there can identify them.

This picture was in a collection of photos belonging to Mary Elizabeth Taylor Wagner. She was the daughter of Logan Taylor (1891-1939) and Lula Owens (1892-1958). The man in this picture is most likely a Taylor. Pictures of Logan, his uncle, John C. Taylor, and his grandfather, James Francis Taylor, show they all had the same shaped face. 

This is definitely not Logan and Lula. Logan was the son of William Thomas "Tom" Taylor (1856-1904) and Mary Elizabeth Fletcher (1860-1919). There aren't any known pictures of Tom but the woman in this picture is definitely not Mary - besides, Logan's sister was 10 years older than him and his brother 5 years younger so the family makeup doesn't work for them. Logan's brother, Gene never married and had no children so it's not him. 

Tom was the son of James Francis "Jim" Taylor (1830-1894) and Margaret E. Ramsey (1840-1892) and they had 5 other sons. The man in this picture is definitely not Tom's brothers, John, Bob or App. That leaves Joe and Milt as possibilities. Milt had a daughter and son but the son was 8 years older than the daughter and since the daughter appears to be older than the son in this picture that rules out Milt leaving us with Joe. 

Josiah Love "Joe" Taylor and his wife, Mary Alice Kirby, had 8 children but if the picture was made late 1902/early 1903, they only had two children living at that time, a daughter and a son. In that timeframe, Joe would have been 44, Alice 33, Mallie 12 and Tommy 10 so they are a possibility. Or are they? The picture below is believed by their descendants to be Alice. The bonnet makes it almost impossible to tell if she could be the woman in the mystery picture.

James Francis Taylor had one brother (Robert) and four half brothers (Andrew, John, William and Thomas). The makeup of this family doesn't match with Robert's family, William's family or Thomas' family (no time period when they had just a son and daughter in the age range of the children in the picture). There was a picture of Andrew, his wife and 5 children in this collection which was identified with names so it's not Andrew.  I don't know anything about John beyond his wife's name so can't rule him out.

So, this could be Logan's uncle, Josiah Love Taylor, or his father's half-uncle, John Taylor. It could also be some Taylor cousin or even a Ramsey (Logan's grandmother and great-grandmother's family). All I know for sure is that it's not the people I was able to rule out. 

Mystery Photo courtesy of Gayle Wagner Evans, daughter of Mary Elizabeth Taylor Wagner. Photo of Alice Kirby Taylor courtesy of Joy Talbott House. Click on the links above for more information about these families.


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  2. Linda you are funny. I love this post. Sure wish I knew some about this family.