Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Newspapers (Part 3)

More treasures from newspapers.

My grandmother's brother, A. E. "Elvie" Hankins, left Hopkins County, Kentucky as a relatively young man, lived the remainder of his life "out west" and was married several times (maybe as many as 7 times) although no one in the family seemed to remember much about his wives.

I think I've learned more about Uncle Elvie from newspapers than from family stories.

From the Earlington Bee, Hopkins County, Kentucky:

27 Jun 1901: "Yesterday evening at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. F. M. Richardson, in this city, Miss Ella Edmonds and Mr. Elvy Hankins were united in marriage, Rev. B. M. Currie performed the ceremony. Mr. Hankins is the son of Rev. Hankins who was formerly pastor of the General Baptist church at this place, and an employe of the St. Bernard Coal Company, while the young lady he has chosen for his bride is a bright young business woman and has held a position as bookkeeper for Jno. M. Victory and Co., for some time. They will visit relatives of the bride in Webster county and also in Illinois. The Bee extends congratulations and best wishes."

This was a complete surprise. I'm not sure anyone in the family (who wasn't alive in 1901) knew about this marriage. I'd never looked for a marriage record for Elvie in Hopkins County because I was under the impression that all of his marriages happened after he left Kentucky.

There's more:

27 Mar 1902: "As I am going to leave Earlington I will dispose of the furniture purchased two months ago, at reasonable figures. The furniture includes 1 iron bed, 1 wash stand, dining room chairs, 1 cook stove, 1 spring cot, 1 kitchen table, and can be seen at J. M. Victory's store. Mrs. Ella Hankins"

10 months after the wedding, Ella is selling furniture and leaving town. Where is she going? Where is Elvie?"

3 Apr 1902: "Mrs. Ella Hankins, who for some time past has been bookkeeper for the firm of J. M. Victory & Co., has gone to join her husband in Kansas City, Mo., where he is employed in a power house. We trust they may be successful and contented in their new home."

So Elvie had moved to Kansas City for a job and Ella stayed behind in Hopkins County for awhile, sold their furniture and then joined him.

There is lots more to learn about Elvie from newspapers. Stay tuned.

These clips were found using the searchable newspaper collection at Kentuckiana Digital LibraryKentucky papers in this collection are also available through the Library of Congress' Chronicling America(Both of these sites are free.)

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