Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Newspapers (Part 2)

More treasures from newspapers.

From the Earlington Bee, Earlington, Hopkins County Kentucky:

10 Oct 1903: "Mrs. Jane Devault, of Earlington, visited her mother, Aunt Lizzie Goodloe, Wednesday."

11 Aug 1904: "Mrs. Lizzie Goodloe is visiting her children, Em Goodloe and Mrs. T. K. Devault."

This might not look like much unless you know that Isabella Jane Goodloe was the daughter of John E. Goodloe and Eliza Ann Dobyns. Eliza died when Janie and her sibilings were pretty young. John married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pettus in 1849 when Janie was just 11 years old. John and Lizzie had two children - one of them was Em (Emsley) mentioned in the 2nd clip. Knowing all that, these little clips seem to imply that Janie and her step mother were close and that she may have even thought of her as her mother. Lizzie apparently didn't make a big difference in her biological son, "Em" and her step-daughter, Janie (Mrs. T. K. DeVault) since both were referred to as "her children".  At the very least, the person who wrote these little blurbs for the newspaper did not realize that Lizzie and Janie weren't mother and daughter.

26 Nov 1903: "Miss Verda Hankins, who has been very ill with typhoid fever for some time, is improving."

From family stories, I knew my grandmother, Verda Hankins, had been seriously ill at some point before she married my grandfather, Will McCauley, in September, 1904. She was not even able to feed herself for a time during the illness so neighbors and family members pitched in to help her mother take care of her. The story goes that Will, who was friends with one of her brothers, also helped out by feeding her. I didn't know exactly when she was sick or what the illness was and also didn't know exactly when my grandfather came to Hopkins County from Mississippi. This clip identifies when she was ill, what she was suffering from and, since it says Verda was improving in November, 1903, it also places Will in Hopkins County at least by late summer/early fall of 1903.

These clips were found using the searchable newspaper collection at Kentuckiana Digital LibraryKentucky papers in this collection are also available through the Library of Congress' Chronicling America(Both of these sites are free.)

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