Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Newspapers (Part 1)

I love researching in old newspapers - especially the ones that are digitized and searchable. It's amazing what you can find to fill in the details of an ancestor's life - especially if they lived in a relatively small town where the local paper printed "personal" news from every little community in the area. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of the things I've found in newspapers that I likely would never have discovered any other way.

From the Mt. Vernon Signal, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky:

10 Jul 1908: "Mrs. M. C. Owens, who has been sick for the past fifteen months, is no better."

13 Nov 1908: "Mrs. M. C. Owens, of the Freedom section, is very low and we understand that there is no chance for her recovery."

Celia Owens (my 2nd great-grandmother and wife of Madison Crawford Owens) died on 18 Nov 1908. Death certificates weren't kept at that time in Kentucky so I don't know the cause of her death but these clips tell me that she had been sick for about 19 months before she died.

23 Jul 1909: "Miss Gracie Taylor, who has been very sick with malaria fever is better."

No one ever mentioned that my grandmother's sister, Gracie, had malaria when she was 22 years old.

These clips were found using the searchable newspaper collection at Kentuckiana Digital Library. Kentucky papers in this collection are also available through the Library of Congress' Chronicling America. (Both of these sites are free.)

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  1. This is a good remindeer for me. I too have ancestors from Kentucky and am looking forward to what more you learn in this process.