Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Week in the Family History - August 22 - 28

22 Aug 1894 (116 years ago) - John Cook Taylor married Margaret Frances Warren in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. John was the son of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. Fannie was the daughter of Fieldon and Jane Warren and John's 2nd wife. [great-grandfather, Taylor line]

25 Aug 1780 (230 years ago) - Titus Fox married Elizabeth Wright in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Titus was the son of James Fox. Elizabeth's parents are unknown. [5th great-grandparents, Hankins line]

25 Aug 1829 (181 years ago) - Rhoda Ann Lavender married Stephen Bradford Lair in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Rhoda was the daughter of John Lavender. Stephen's parents are unknown. [3rd great-grandmother, Taylor line]

25 Aug 1842 (168 years ago) - Martha (maiden name undetermined) Ramsey died in Garrard County, Kentucky. Martha was the wife of Thomas Ramsey. Her maiden name may have been Goldman or Gouldman but that has not been proven. [4th great-grandmother, Taylor line]

27 Aug 1854 (156 years ago) - William Taylor married Mary G. Ramsey in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. William's parents are undetermined. Mary was the daughter of Daniel F. Ramsey and Mary Donaho and William's 2nd wife. [3rd great-grandfather, Taylor line]


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